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1978 datsun Skyline for sale


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Hello Guys im selling this 1978 Nissan datsun skyline but i need info on how much to ask or what its even worth???

This is my uncle's country car so no major rust at all just little surface, motor was running when it was parked (it actually Had an overhaul by a mechanic over 20 yrs ago) then done 300klms and parked up so it's been sitting here since (Lightning Ridge nsw)

If anyone could tell me on what i can get for it? but she needs some work we know but also need it gone due to land sale which car sits on, Cheers..







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Ugh. How long is a piece of string? It is worth somewhere between the very large sum of money that an very good original or restored chrome bumper 70s car with relationship to cool models (while not actually being inherently cool itself) would command, and the zero value based on the fact that it is not completely straight, is badly weathered inside and out and would cost more to bring back than it could ever really be worth.

You might sell it to a Datto tragic for a couple of grand. You might sell it to someone with a very weak grasp on reality for 5. I'd offer $200 and suffer instant buyer's remorse because I don't need a project like that, even though I would really like an old 240K.

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I was looking at a roached out sedan a few days ago, no engine, front end suspension, bootlid or bonnet. Rust in rear 1/4s and over the windscreen. Interior in equally poor nick.

It went for about $750. That's what the seller told me anyway. 

You're a long way from anywhere, that's the kicker, also the bonus given the lack of moisture out there.

I'd be keen on knowing a price and picking it up, coming from Orange NSW if you can get a reasonable price sorted.
I'm sure you'd be inundated with messages soon.

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