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Eoi: [Sa] 2003 V35 350Gt Manual Sedan

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Just trying to gauge the interest before my car is up for sale.

I am the 1st owner since it was imported in 2010. Never had any issues, serviced regularly.


Colour: Diamond Graphite4

Body: Sedan

Engine: VQ35DE

Transmission: Manual

Odometer: 71000km

Interior: Cloth (no leather)


Nismo mid-back exhaust

19' V35 coupe wheels

Lowered on 350z springs

RDA slottled rotors

Practical and unique alternative

Currently has some dings due to some recent hit and runs. These will be repaired prior sale or adjusted to an agreed price.

Price: $21000 ono

Please voice your opinions on the price as I will be placing a advert on Carsales and only want to be fair


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Sorry mate, but you are $5k plus too high. The market is truly awful atm and as you would realise there are plenty of coupes with similar km selling for under $20k, and there is always a $5kish gap between coupes and sedans. The highest $$ sedan on Ebay is $16k, the cheapest $12,600.

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Mate I say leave your asking price as it is. its a manual, low kms and has a few nice bits. Those Rays 19s set the car off nicely too.

A lot of the sedans priced lower on carsales or ebay are mainly stock autos, 250GTs and CVTs. Might take a while to move in this current market but gives you a bit of room for negotiations as well. Don't low ball yourselves unless you are desperate.

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as much as i am a sedan fan, i kinda agree. v35s are getting outdated and pushing to be worth 15/16k at the most. over 17k and almost everyone would rather a base model early coupe.

I refused to pay over 10k for mine 18 months ago, which was 4k under what he was asking, but he had it advertised for at least 6 months...

you are however absolutely entitled to ask however much you want for it and say no to low offers.

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Deep Dish, yours is a 250gt yea? Hence the lower price. I just did a quick scan on Ebay and almost every sedan on there was either a 250gt or 300gt priced between 12k to 16k like Nightcrawler said. Pricing as we all know is based on demand and supply and there is a shitload more coupes for sale out there than 350gt sedans.

Saying almost everyone would rather a base model coupe if the sedan was priced the same is not entirely true. There are heaps of enthusiasts out there now that prefer the practicality of a sedan and have families, kids and prams etc to cart around. There is still a market for these, just need to educate the buyers between the various models. No offence to anyone but 250gts (4spd auto) and CVTs are the hardest to sell and hence the relatively low pricing.

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bought my '05 6MT sedan for $19,000 back in Sept last year, with 74,000km on it. It's a non-premium, but has 18in coupe rims and a few optional extras.

From what I have seen, the market has dropped off quite a bit since then, and I think I would only get around $17k at the most if I sold it now. so an '03 would probably be closer to $15k - $16k.

However, i do agree with n15m0, not everyone prefers a coupe. I was looking for a Sedan and wouldn't have been interested in a coupe even if I could get one with the same specs/age for the same price. That said.. coupes generally do sell for more.

If there are no other 350gt sedans on carsales for buyers to compare with, you might get lucky by listing it at $20k.. although the average V35 buyer has probably done their homework.

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n15mo - yep i was just pointing out that i offered him 2/3rds of his asking price, and after 6 months it was his best offer, the rest were asking 12k at the time. I wouldve bought a top of the range J31 maxima for 9k if it wasnt 100km away as all i wanted was a big sedan for $10k

i wouldnt get a coupe either.... but most people ive spoken to say they prefer the coupe shape but not the coupe price.

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Thanks for all the input.

I did have a feeling that realistically price wise I was expecting a bit much and a sub 20k would be more along the lines of where the market is now.

I find that there arent many 350gts in a sedan and manual, in addition the factory nismo sports body kit around. I guess we'll see

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