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C33 Taxi Project

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here is my draw dropping taxi, this has been my project since nov '12 and it makes girls wet

i bought this with the following mods:

RB25DET S2 Mod plated
RB25 Box
One piece tail shaft
ISC coilovers camber tops
Front Strut brace

boost controller
3' exhaust from dump back
Stock turbo setup
17x7 wheels

and this is what it looks like!


so, story went i couldn't actually keep the car at my place cause my landlord was complaining about how many draws it would drop so it stayed in this lovely garage untill i moved


I couldn't actually drive it until april as i was a p plater untill then, so it was garage life for a while.

Anyway so i started buying things for it, and i bought a 5 stud conversion with S14 fronts with slotted rotors and S14 LCA's for 20mm extra lock and R32 rear for the individual handbrake you know?


then acquired VSKFs! Hopefully they fit all flush with camber and minor guard work but we'll see 17x9.5 + 26 and 17x9.5 + 28


ordered somethings off streeter and my S club lip came first


dmax wings came, but unfortunately were smashed, so he resent them and they came but they were C35 wings and in the process of waiting for them again :(

illegal drove it, took a photo


was hunting around for a turbo, and found a brand new Garret 3076r .82 rear housing for a insane price


brand new 6boost manifold was in order, so ordered it


debated whether to go front facing plenum or just stay crossover, but robbed a bank and bought a whole brand new setup

front facing plenum, 90mm tb, HKS rail and 850cc sard injectors


this is my garage


Haven't done anything, as i don't have a daily driver and have to drive a few days a week.

have plans in the next couple of weeks so will post when and if it happens

have some other goodies lieing around also

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This is iians old laurel yes?

im daniel, lives in brissy that iian tagged you in the for sale thread on facebook.

So jealous of you, the bay was so coean and I literally came up with the money for it about a week after you bought it haha.

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Damn now I defintely can't paint mine black if your going black.

im thinking silver or root beer brown

Also nice engine setup basically what I have except you got external gate and fancy manifold :P

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oh tue, yeah going just a gloss black, cheaper to paint panels.

engine bay will be purple/black theme, just trying to find black radiator haha.

yeah i hear, everyone is running 3076 these days, good turbo though, was either that or td06 25g

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Great minds must think alike. I had my bay painted midnight purple but was a shit job done by the guy so im gonna have to do it again but thinking silver this time. Which is kinda sad as it looked good but its just started cracking. Needed better prep.

and yeah 3076 seems to go hand it hand with rb25.

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Haha yeah sure do.

5 stud is happening tomorrow, think iain is coming around if you wanted to feel free to, finally got some 5x114.3 wheels i can use to test fit the VSKFs and get tires accordinly, as 2 are on belts lol.

No real updates, I've got coin to get ECU and clutch but due to work hours being cut in half living expense have to come before car fml :(

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Yeah iian asked me yesterday when ee had a forza sesh to come uup but im planning on doing a few things to my rig today.

also I saw you posting about tyres on chriss jdm sale page, you wont fit 235/245s under the guards with 9.5 +28s

I had 235s on 9 +22s and it sat on the lip as the guard wasnt rolled. Also apparently when you run over 9" wide you start getting issues with rubbing on the wheel wells if your planning on lowering it

Food for thought.

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Oh yeah fair enough, what you gunna do? Yeah I've been asking a few other laurel owners about tyre sizes and il be running 215s/40s on the front and rears will be the same maybe 235/40 but well see

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Lol didnt get much done. Missus car made a f**king weird grinding noise so spent 2 hours checking all her brakes and suspension and couldn't find anything.

And then Couldn't even get the hicas bushes out of my rear knuckles got the main part out but the sleeve is a massive karnt. Then layed my new body loom out next to my old one and checked everything was the same and nothing was missing

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Oh yeah haha, my misses thinks something's wrong as soon as she hears a noise last problem was she left the handbrake on...... Lol

Oh sweet that's pretty cool

We not doing my 5 stud till next weekend do I can use a mates workshop and air /power tools cause lazy lol

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Lol nice, air tools do help, get a cheap comoressor from suoercheap and a set of sca airtools. Might set you back around 300 bucks all up but makes working on 20 year old suspension all that much easier :P

Oh and taking wheel nuts off.... saves like 5 mins in hand unwinding lol

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Last weekend got together with the boys and we did the S14 5 stud conversion on the front, the fronts was pretty easy according to Iain who did most of it. However when we tested my 17x9.5 +26 VSKFs we didn't think they would fit and well........... they didn't SO, i hunted on all afternoon for 15mm hub centric spacers so we could get them on and i could be mobile because i had to drive home. Had absolutly no luck, so had to buy a set of S14 stockos with tyres @ 11pm just to get me home. I drove home on massive toe out lets say i'll never be doing that again.






I got into Erin @ JDM Garage and swapped my 17x9.5 for his 17x9s and we fitted up to S14 fronts and would need 7mm to clear caliper. So I've ordered extended wheel studs to accommodate the slip on spacers. Got them wrapped in some new 215/40s all ready to go.


This weekend i said to Iain I'd come up to sunny coast and we would do the R32 5 stud rears because apparently that was meant to be the easiest, anyway we got into it about 3pm? We took the wheel off and went to remove driveshaft hub nut, we pulled it, pushed it, blew it and unfortunately our gym sessions didn't pay off and the f**ker wouldn't come off. I had my mate Ben coming around to fix my Iphone and he suggested we get some tools from his work to help. We came back with a breaker bar and had a crack, Ben aka mr muscles got on there and cracked it and we jumped in joy. Got cracking on it and we discovered that every nut that needed to be undone was hard and Ben became the god of cracking nuts. We uncounted the 27mm handbrake and rotor shroud assembly, we removed the exhaust of its mounts to get the breaker bar on the socket with extensions and he heaved and pulled and kept going cause his buldging muscles were shredding his shirt then, his eyes were about to pop out and then.... CRACK it become loose, however it had to be cracked again and it came off. When we took it off we realized that the thread had lock tight and a o ring on it which basically was saying " you're never getting this off " We broke out in a dance.

So we went to pull the Hub off and it didn't come off. We double checked we had removed the 4 bolts and sure enough it wasn't coming off. It came off after about 1 hour of bashing and it was coated in rust, It was rusted on.


Iain started putting the 5 stud hub on, did it all up, swapped over handbrake sleeves, connected up hand brake cable and then went to connect the brake cable and it didn't go in. He pulled the brakes off and there was a brass resistor in the inlet and was stopping the hose screwing up, we all figured we would try remove it as was threaded in there, Ben aka mr muscles got it out and it screwed up and the assembly was all back together then we fitted the VSKF and it fitted!






we had a lovely visit by the police of a " noise " complaint and asked if we had been reving our engines, they were basically on crack and left and not to mention when they saw Ben aka mr muscles they realized that not enough there gun would save them, so they went on there way happily.

The other side was alot easier, as there wasn't lock tight on any threads and the hub wasn't rusted in, driveshaft hub nut was easier and it took half the time.

we bled the brakes and then iain noticed the brakes weren't working correctly, we were worried that the removal of the resistor/modifiying had caused this, however we went to the local BP and got some brake fluid and re-bled the brakes then took it for a test drive and was all sweet.

We finished up @ 2:45am, none of us had done a 5 stud conversion, i was basically an apprentice to master Iain and mr muscles aka Ben. I drove home with the angry mrs and got home @ 4am and i don't expect sex for atleast 2 weeks LOL.

probably forgot something anyway, awaiting my extended wheel studs GKTECH and hopefully should have the VSKFs on the front this weekend,

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another good looking build wish i had your money to buy all these fancy things mine would of been done lot sooner first question WHERE THE HELL DID YOU FIND A CLUB S LIP????? been looking everywhere haha

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Nah was drug cops from Wynnum, pulled me over checked license on my way thank god lol

Got some 30mm bolt ons last night to check clearance, looks like i have a bit from coilover > wheel maxed out camber and it sticks out a bit, so will be testing 20mm bolt ons and go from there.

I got my S club lip from JP, I bought a whole front bar for 200 AUD with the lip, and only shipped the lip haha.

There was one for sale like a month ago on Boostcruising for 200, is that the one you got Dan?

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