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Inherant R32 problems to look for when buying.

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Hi guys i have managed to sell my Silvia and now am wanting an r32.

I just wanted to know from your experiance or things you have heard, what kinds of things i should look closely at on an r32 and rb20.

I have heard rear window seals may be one and a few others.

Any help is greatly appreciated ;)

P.S if your selling an R32 in Perth PM me

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Things i have had to change on my car or typically wear om an R32:

- torn steering boot

- torn tie rod end boots

- torn gearbox boots

- timing belt at 100,000kms

- cracked air con vents on the dash

- worn inner upper control arm bush

- rust in the rear wheel lips (cheap rolling cracking paitn -> oxidation)

Ive had mine for over 4 years and have driven then wheels of mine and its been all good, just due to the age of the car its had a few age related cosmetic concerns

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Hey, go and buy the latest issue of High Performance Imports, issue 46 with a gold Supra on the cover, there's a big article in there on buying cheap R32 GTR's, what to look out for etc. It's specific to the GTR but a lot of the info would apply to the GTS/T models as well.

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Yeah tried a search but will have another look in FAQ.

Im subscribed to hpi so got that but it honestly did tell you that much a few obvious things but nothing you cant see for yourself.

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Some of them get sun damage, they get little bubbles along the bottom of the dash, but it can be fixed with a hair dryer and a syringe of glue.. Also its hard to find one with a mint steering wheel.

Keep an eye out for leaks around the back of the motor, frost plugs and if the kays are around 100,000 coils as well. They are a good strong car overall, and the motors are brilliant, just is a few little bits and pieces that go wrong.

As said tie rod ends, upper arm bushes, and if HICAS shits out, ditch it all together. If the interior is looking a bit worn, its easy to tidy up, as parts are plentiful, i have full GT-R trim in mine and it looks a million dollars to what it was.

When you get it, make sure you have a warranty, give it a full service ie ALL the fluids and coolants, sparkies (NGK Iridiuim gapped to .8) and belts. Should be go fish after all that

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