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17' on the front and 16' on the Rear


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This may sound very stupid but

Would it make my time slower or a safty issue to leave my 17" wheels on the front with 235's while i change my rears to 16" wheels with some real sticky 265's?

Tell me if this is totally stupid or fine because im just getting into Drags recently and any help will do

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Shouldn't make any difference in terms of safety. But the 16s have a bigger tyre wall, and will help your car to squat better than 17s.

Remember to let your tyres down a bit to increase the size of the contact patch. Will require a bitta trial and error. Some say 20 psi is the best, but it really depends on your tyres. let it down to 25 psi. Then do a run, and keep letting it down by 2 psi and see the difference in grip.

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