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Getting A R32 GTR!

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HI Guys,

as you can see its my first post, but ive been reading up for a little while.

So finally im planning on getting a R32 GTR imported and was wondering if anyone had some advise they could give me.

Ive done a few searches and have pretty much read all i can regarding the 32gtr on this site, but there still is somethings i dont know.

my mate recently got a r34 and he had to wait a few months for a complaiance plate, is it the same for the 32's? or are they exempt cause of the 15 year rule??

thanx heaps,


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Exempt, for the moment, because of the 15 year rule. Might change though, as DOTARs has been considering changing it since early this year. So, find a good one, and buy it soon; you'll be safe once you've paid for the car.

Anyway, moving on. Early R32's are getting on, so [get it] check [ed] for rust under the guards, and make sure the agent takes it for a test drive and gives you a detailed report. Suspension bushes are likely worn out, as are shock absorbers, if they are stock. Steering wheels, handbrake boots and seats are the obvious interior problems, as well as a 'bubbled' dash if it's been out in the sun too long. The latter is meant to have an easy fix, of which I don't know the details.

Once bought, take it to a workshop ASAP and get them to give it a good check. Run it on the dyno, check the boost and flush the engine of the old oil. Replace all the fluids with new stuff.

There was a guide about old GTR's in HPI a few months back; someone here might have a scan, or know the issue number.

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My only advice (and others from previous posts, and also being published in magazines now) is if you are using all your money to buy the car, dont. They qre quite costly when things go wrong on them. They are a 15 year old performance car, and 90% of them have been flogged to hell and back. There are good examples, but yeah, if you dont have the money to fix any potential problems with it, steer clear. Otherwise, enjoy the stupidly insane grin they bring to your face the very first time you drive it :D

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thanx for the info guys, im not new to working on cars (especally old cars) so i can handle most problems, and servicing my self.

anyone on the forum have a copy they could scan? im dont even know where to find old issues of hpi??

im looking at getting one through prestige, so i assume they check for rust under the gaurds?

thanx again,


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Another point to note is you may want to save some money to get new/revalved shocks + springs as they will either be worn or hard as a rock(like mine). I'd rather a comfortable ride and great handling than a skittery dangerous car.

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The thing is: I didn't get it through prestige :)

Mine came through UPImports(A forum sponsor) and I found it for sale on this board so thats a hint to all prospective buyers here! :wassup:

I'd definitely reccomend Dean to anyone looking at importing a Skyline as he is a Skyline man himself look for his R34 and PHAT Veilside R32!

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