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Standard R33 Series II head deck problems

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I've got some problems with the standard headdeck on my '96 series II R33... firstly, some CD's will play and some won't...most originals work, but only a select few copied CD's will play... even then most have to be put in three or four times before the player reads them. It usually just spits them back out with no message displayed on the screen.

often it makes very unsettling crunching noises reading some CD's. I'm thinking a dirty laser may be the problem, is it ok to use those cleaning CD's that have a small brush on the track or will this scratch the laser?

I don't exactly have the money to upgrade so i'm stuck with the standard headdeck (which is actually pretty good when it works in my opinion)

The other problem is my rear drivers side speaker makes clicking noises when it hits a low bass note, and this happens even on low volume. I don't think it's anything rattling in the car because when i use the fade and balance controls and don't use that speaker the clicking sound can't be heard. Is there some way to fix this? or is the speaker on it's way out? I checked the boot and i cant see any leads or anything like that making contact with the speaker so i'm not too sure what the problem is.

These are probably stupid questions but i need an answer to them. Thanks!

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The speaker sounds like its on its way out...i would be upgrading the pair of speakers...with the cd...i wouldnt advise to use a cd cleaner as they dont clean the laser properly....the best way to do this is to pull the cd apart and clean the laser and also the spindal motor......If ur in melb id be willin to help u out with ur problems

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nah, Canberra unfortunately. I'm not too good at taking things like that apart so i think i'll leave it. Don't have the money to upgrade stuff, only got the car yesterday... Oh well. Any other ideas? i'll probably take it to a car audio shop and get them to look at the speaker and if need be replace the rears with something cheap. The headdeck has to stay tho.

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