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25 head gasket seal onto rb30 block at water gallery


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See pics.

Do most guys weld some more steel here for a good seal or consensus is it isn't needed?

I have heard both but can't find any comments on sau about it?

I have a good fabricator that I reckon can do it then obviously just get the block decked.


ImageUploadedBySAU Community1486786531.550216.jpgImageUploadedBySAU Community1486786547.403397.jpgImageUploadedBySAU Community1486786561.056198.jpg

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6 hours ago, czy18e said:

Thanks angry RB, do you know what method he used? Welding to cast iron can be tricky.

I had the head welded to suit RB30 gasket, also VCT done, easy work for a fabricator


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