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RB26 Timing crank gear, woodruff key, crank pulley install instructions

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RB26 Timing crank gear, woodruff key, crank pulley install instructions

Hi all,

Doing a timing belt service for my 90 GTR.  I changed the front main seal as well as the cam seals.

I removed the crank pulley and the timing crank gear.  Very difficult, I ended up having to use a puller on the crank gear and I will be replacing it because it seems like it has warped and that was causing my removal difficulties.

I have questions about the installation.

#1. I have a replacement crank timing gear on order.  My existing one will not move at all without a tool on the crank shaft, is that normal?

#2. What order or instructions for installing the crank timing gear and getting it aligned with the woodruff key?  My gear doesn't just easily move along the crankshaft, and I certainly can't rotate it about the crankshaft.  So it seems like I have to push it using a socket as a tool, but it has to be perfectly aligned and non-trivial.  Is there a trick to this?  I will have the same question for the crank pulley. (ie. do you leave the key in the crankshaft and just push the pulley onto the crankshaft via trial and error?).


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You will probably find the new crank gear just slips on. When i rebuilt my engine, i had to heat and pull the old gear off but the new one just slipped on. This makes it easy. Put woodruff key in and slide gear on.

As for the crank pulley. Its tapered AFAIK so you will get it over the key before it starts going tight. Should be ok to pull it in with the bolt (do not use rattle gun)

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Received the new timing crank gear via mail.

No luck on an easy install.  I guess my crank must be slightly warped, it was a huge PITA to remove the pulley and timing gear.  I'm going to try and polish it with steel wool to remove any buildup and use a bit of grease too. 

I guess if I have to, I'll try and put ice packs on the crankshaft and maybe even see if I can heat the gear to 100deg in the oven and see if that gives me enough clearance to get a quick install.

It's a fun car, but sure is not any fun doing maintenance on it.

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Just go over it with some 1000 grit sandpaper. Use some crc or wd40 to lube the sand paper and give it a polish.

The old key hasn't mushroomed the groove or anything and made a high spot?

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OK, I got it all back together.

Anyone else diy'ing this.  You put both woodruff keys into the crankshaft.  Back the timing gear onto the first key, and as it goes along, it will align itself to the second.

To push the timing gear all the way to the front seal, you can use the crankshaft pulley and push them both along.  I'm going to slightly  drill out my older timing gear and that would make a perfect sized piece for a future tool to push timing gears back.

I have to do the job again (water pump leaking.....didn't read about the different bolt holes on a std versus n1 sized pump, and that oblong hole just gushed out water).  

Good news is that I'm an expert at RB26 timing belts now and can do it in like 2-3 hours. :3_grin:

My oil pressure slowly drops after driving it around and will go up under load.  I replaced the sender along with an oil change and seeing the same results, so I'm thinking my oil pump indeed needs replacement.  I doubt a gauge failure would show that symptom.  Then my car will be a perfect weekend toy for a while!

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