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Hi guys, I have a problem with my ECU and will look to purchase a new/used one over the next week. I am aware of the NATS issue and would need to get the ECU to talk to the BCM to get keys to work. Is the procedure the same as reprogramming "new" FOBs to work with the car? Meaning I could get Nissan to just reprogram my keys to the new ECU?


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There's a fair bit that needs doing, according to the workshop manual:

  1. Initialise the NATS system and re-register all keys
  2. Register the VIN
  3. Relearn accelerator pedal released position
  4. Relearn throttle valve closed position
  5. Relearn idle air volume

If the ECU you buy is a new one (i.e. completely virgin, no prior data programmed into it), then the procedure for step 1 should be fairly straightforward and automatic. Otherwise, it will need Nissan to do that for you with their Consult tool.

Steps 2 and 5 will definitely also require the same Consult tool.

Steps 3 and 4 don't need the Consult tool.

All in all, there's no technical reason why your local Nissan dealer couldn't do this for you, unless they're arseholes. In which case, if I was in WA, I'd be happy to volunteer my Consult III+ tool and have some nerdy fun helping you out, provided you have the PIN tag, as I don't have the immobiliser module for the scan tool.

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Where can I get the PIN tag? 

For 1. it seems like it I get a new one I could get it to pair with the key by just putting into the key fob holder...should be that easy. However with used one it seems like Consult tool will need to be used to reprogram NATS etc....

I called one of my contacts at a Nissan dealer...they were asked not to help at all with imports. Anyway he said to be even if I get an ECU in, I need to reprogram the ECU and Keys....which I didn't really understand. I thought as long as I got the ECU with the same part number as mine, I would only need to worry about the keys...(and 3,4,5) which we both agree on.

In your reading do you see anything that says the ECU needs to be reprogrammed to run on the car?

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The PIN tag is a little metal plate, around 5mm x 12mm which has four digits stamped into it. Mine was attached to both of my keys when I received the car. If that's missing, you need the immobiliser module for the Consult III+ tool to bypass the PIN checking, or otherwise it's a matter of making enquiries back to Japan to have it calculated from other numbers found on the BCM sticker or something like that. There's a thread all about that somewhere in this forum.

If the ECU is brand new, then you'll be able to start the car as per the virgin ECU procedure.

If it's a second hand ECU, which therefore has the details of another vehicle programmed into it, then you will need to reprogram it as previously stated.

Alternatively, do what I did five years ago when I bought my car and jump on AliBaba.com to buy a Consult III+ tool, software and immobiliser module. ;)

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