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Has anyone here claimed with Enthusiast.com.au insurance?

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Hi all,

As per the title. I am wanting to see what people's experiences with Enthusiast insurance is like. Specifically, I would love to hear what they are like on claims which involve modifications without engineering documents. For example, my car has coilovers which I didn't put on, and thus I do not have the required documents to be roadworthy. I understand that Shannon's doesn't usually give a damn and pays out anyways, so what is Enthusiast like? Do they care about these sorts of things? They are half the price of Shannon's, and I compared the fine print and both policies state the vehicle must not be unroadworthy, which technically my car is due to the coilovers, tune, EBC...

In summary, thoughts on Enthusiast, and are they a PITA when you claim?

Cheers all

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They don't care, when I asked them about modifications on the phone, the answer was if you want to do a twin turbo LS, that's fine.

The only catch is, if your modifications where responsible for your accident, they would not pay out. Eg. You modified the brake system and it failed to stop the car, you drove with slick tyres in the wet. Etc.

Your car will be fine. Give them a call and discuss your situation.

They insured my car with a list of 30+ mods and agreed to the value i asked for without drama.

Now, how good they will be when it comes to actually making a claim I can't answer.

Some input from someone who has made a claim would be great.

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