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R32 GTR Engine Build in the U.S.


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As you may have seen in the Newbie section, I recently imported a beautiful, one-owner R32 from Japan and, wouldn't you know it, I spun a couple of bearings after just a week of driving.  I wasn't planning to rebuild so quickly, but I guess that's how it goes with these cars.  Because I was concerned about prolonging the life of the motor, I had already purchased a Haltech, Koyo radiator, fuel filter, spark plugs, wide band, boost controller, etc. - just the basics for a healthy stock motor - and was scheduled for a tune, but never made it that far.  Fortunately I was just outside of the driveway when I felt it go so I was able to shut it down immediately, preventing a more catastrophic failure like a rod through the block.  

I debated tackling the rebuild myself with a mechanic friend who's a Nissan wiz, but ultimately decided to have it done by the pro's at Driver Motorsports in Virginia, USA.  If you haven't already checked them out then do yourself a favor right now! Driver Motorsports Website & Driver Motorsports YouTube.  I quickly fell way down the rabbit hole and this has turned into much more than I had originally planned, but isn't that how it always happens?  My goal is to retain a fairly stock or OE appearance, but I need mo powa babeh!  As I write this post the block is at the machine shop patiently awaiting it's turn, and I hope to have the car back with enough time to rack-up a few miles (km's) before winter is here.  Fingers crossed!

About the build:

CP pistons (86.5mm)

Manley rods

JHH block brace

ARP studs & bolts

Tomei gaskets

Nitto 1.1mm oil gallery restrictor

Ross head drain

Driver Motorsports custom catch can w/ sump drain

Nitto oil pump

Trust extended sump

Twin low-mount 2860R-5’s

ID1050’s w/ DW400 pump

NGK 7’s

Fluidampr crank pulley

Oil filter relocation

Haltech Platinum Pro ECU

Koyo radiator

Infiniti J30 fuel filter

Apex-i pod filters

AEM wide-band

AEM boost controller

Spec twin disc clutch

Cube short shifter

GKTech HICAS delete

GKTech front uppers

New inner & outer tie-rods

All new poly bushings

New rotors w/ Hawk pads

Fresh tires (tyres?)

Tomei cams, cam gears, and valve springs

E85 conversion

Fortune Auto coilovers

17" RPF1's 



Future Mods:

Somehow address the transmission (likely just a set of gears)

Maybe a big single turbo at some point (and bigger intercooler)

Address the cosmetic issues of a nearly 30/yo car




on the lift.JPEG

Engine Bay 1.JPEG

on the lift engine out.JPEG

Empty engine bay.JPEG

RB on stand.JPEG



bottom end & crank.JPEG

pistons, rods, cams.JPEG

sump & bearing fragments.JPEG

JHH Block Brace.JPEG

Turbo Gasket .JPEG

Turbo 1.JPEG

Turbo 2.JPEG

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Quick progress update:  

This process has taken much longer than anticipated, but the end is finally near!  The machine work was recently completed and the engine is being assembled.  Since I've waited this long I decided not to postpone the cams and E85, so on with Tomei 262 cams and a set of Tomei springs and cam gears.  Chassis mods include Fortune Auto 500 series coils, a set of 17" RPF1's, GKTech front upper control arms, new OEM tie-rods, and GKTech HICAS delete.  

Here are a few pics of the progress (the car on the lift is prior to coilovers being installed).  I can't wait to get behind the wheel again!  


extended sump test fit.jpg

extended sump welded 2.jpg

extended sump 1.jpg

extended sump inside view.jpg

block brace.jpg

block brace & girdle.jpg

finished block.jpg

Powder Coated Valve Covers.jpg

Wrinkle Red Valley Cover.jpg

finished sump.jpg

Engine assembly 1.jpg

engine assembly 2.jpg





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