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Shift Performance Ganador Reps

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Came across these Ganador reps and am wondering if anyone has used these/come across these ? 

Seem to look like reasonably good replicas (shape wise) from what I can see. Ive been told by them that they are moulded to be exact copies of original Ganadors (but thats what every replica version will say)


Photos of them installed appreciated


Thanks 👍

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Oofftttt… I remember when I bought genuine ones for $500 delivered from Japan 

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Yep I have them, in the ultra-realistic ^cough^ carbon fibre look. They're fine, good value for what I paid. The backing plate was pretty crap, a few knock walking past and they broke, but easy to make a fibreglass or alum insert for the backing plate and then they're solid. Do a little bit of wiring to adapt the internal motor harness, and they're motor-adjustable.






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