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Nav Blank Screen

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Hi all,

I have a 2006 Skyline 350GT SP Sedan with Bose and Nav.

Took the dash apart to replace the leather as it was cracking. After installing everything back I have two issues. Horn stopped working and the Nav is showing a blank screen. Screen turns on but does not display anything. Climate control works perfectly and the steering wheel controls work too. Reverse camera and mirror camera work, can hear the radio working and can control it.

I tried unplugging everything and plugging back twice but still blank display. There are a few cables that I could not plug anywhere so not sure what i'm missing here.

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There really isn't enough to help remotely....the nav screen likely takes it's visual feed from another unit that is not plugged in properly now (that is how the cima worked at least). Sounds like at least the reverse cam works.

It is a possibility the screen is dead of course, minor knock while it was apart. I had to replace the Cima screen because it would not display anything in the morning when below 0.


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Yes, the reverse camera works perfectly fine, which makes me think that the screen is working. 
I had the same theory that something is not plugged in properly or not plugged in at all, but I’ve plugged in all the cables that I can. 
My Nav system is seperate from the screen and the stereo is seperate from the climate control too. The climate control works and the screen seems to be working, so must be something from the actual stereo itself. Although its partially working since I can hear sound and change channels/source.
None of the cables are marked so I don’t know which ones are for display or what any of the cables are for.

Happy to send a photo of the cables and the AV unit.

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