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urgh i hate this stupid 125kw per tonne limit on P plate. URGH i cant drive my r33 gts-t it comes up to around 137.5kw per tonne.

seriously. i dont see the point in this rule.

i have seen P platers driving gtr's and higly modifide gtst's

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Simple solution; reregister it, and change it's tare weight to 1700 kgs or thereabouts. I know people who have done this with GTRs, and it works out to be less than 125/tonne, cops won't care as long as it is a bit of a sleeper

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Power Restiction For P-Platers In Vicroia: 125kw/tonne

From May 1989 to 1991...

R32 Gtst Type - M Sedan (Manual)


Weight: 1290kg

Power/Weight Ratio: 122.48062015503875968992248062016kw/t

Under Power Restictions

R32 Gtst Type - M Sedan (Automaic)


Weight: 1310kg

Power/Weight Ratio: 120.6106870229007633587786259542kw/t

Under Power Restictions

R32 Gtst Type - M Coupe (Manual)



Power/Weight Ratio: 125.39682539682539682539682539683

Over Power Restrictions

R32 Gtst Type - M Coupe (Automatic)



Power/Weight Ratio: 123.4375

Under Restictions

I worked out that from an RB20DET which produces 158kw that to be spot on the p/w ratio the weight of the skyline would have to be 1264kg's... so: If the skyline is under 1264kg's then it is OVER (Illegal) the p/w ratio, but if the skyline is heavier than 1264 it is UNDER (legal) the p/w ratio. I used to think if the skyline is an r32, and its a gtst then its legal but the one exception is for the 2 door 1989-1991 gtst wich weighs 1260kg. But, from 1991-1992 the weight increased to 1320kg making it legal. BUT, does the restriction include the weight of the driver, because the 89-91 2 door gtst is 4kg's under...

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it's based on factory quoted output, and does not include weight of driver. The p/w ratios you have there are what they use.

Also note, that the only skyline on the vicroads list of restricted cars is the '32 GTR, because it was the only skyline released on the australian market.

Most cops don't know that 33 gtst's are not legal for pplaters - though i'd imagine TMU cops would have a fair idea.

As mentioned before, maybe you should have found out if you could drive it *before* buying the car. Did you have a question, or were you just whinging?

You could drive it on p's, but just keep in mind if you make an insurance claim, the insurance company could say that you were driving unlicensed. as you wernt licensed to drive that particular car.

The only way i can think of to get around that rule, would be to buy an R33 GTS, and put in an rb25det.

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How Many Times Does It Have To Be Said?!!

It Is Factory Weight... Taking A Shit, Taking Out A Spare Wheel, Or Sticking A Sticker On It That Says 2000kg Doesn't Make You Any More Legal. And the cops won't accept that for one second either.

Get Over It!! You Are Not Supposed To Be Driving These Cars in lovely victoria.. And Cops Will Punish You If You Do. You'll Be Selling Your Car Before The End Of Your P-plates Anyhow... if it even survives that long.

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