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Leaving the 'line line


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Time to sell the 'line.

I only had my line for 3 months now time to sell up.

Its over, great drive, great speed, great car. But now other things have come up. Time to buy a house, need to money for the deposit and move away from the family.

Its a pitty, not to many car communities are like this one. I haven't posted much, but i come everyday and read up on the posts.

BTW if you know anyone that wants to buy a white 97 SII stock line.

Give me a email: [email protected] Quicker i sell it the lower the price.

Cheers guys


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Thats why you should be an older owner, already got the house and such, keeping the 'line.

I understand though, nearly broke my heart having to sell my almost brand new Triumph Trident T160 to buy a car and and such [marriage, kids, house etc].

Good thing is you'll all bounce back bigger and better than ever.......................especially if your a genuine petrol head!!!!!!!!!!!!

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