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Does anyone know how long would an RB25DET engine last. I'm planning to get a car soon maybe 3-4 years time, but don't know if I should go for a new car or just a R34 GT-T (I love the R34 series)? I'm worried that an RB25DET would just die too soon. So what is an average life span for an RB25DET engine? BTW a stock one. By the time when I get a R34, i'm planning on a 7-8 Y.O. car. I'm also worried that the car is going to be unstable, meaning the car would rumble/shaking too much when idling. Is there such things as stablizing kits?? And if the engine died, do i just need to replace the stuff on the engine?

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look at all the 15 year old cars that people bring down... when we've had copression tests done on em they've lost about 5% compression MAX which is pretty good considering they're that old. All depends on the life they've led in the past. Buy a good clean stock car and your engine will last till you move on. Buy an ex drift car and expect it to last a week.

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