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Annoying Ticking noise

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hey i have had my r33 s 2 for about a month and a half now, when i got it there was a slight ticking noise which i guessed where the fuel injectors?. I also asked the mechanic and he said it was the injectors they make a slight noise.

The noise is getting worse and louder esp when im at a fast food joint in the drivetrough it really echos, but when i am outside in the open i can hardly hear it is this normal. When im in a closed area the echo is so bad that i cant hear my exhaust or anything

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He said there is nothing to fix because while it was getting a service it didnt make the noise as lound as it normially does. Its not bad until u are somewhere it can get an echo.

I jsut thought maybe others have had this problem and it got worse and they found out what the problem is.

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