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Well, my wife gave birth to our two baby girls on friday 17th dec. Both are in good health and so is mum.

So now the back seat of the stagea looks a little different...... Kiddie seats from left to right.

Tracy didn't agree to the names Hicas and Gready though, so we had to name the girls 'Taylor and Jemma' now I have to go and find a couple more GTR's for them to ride on like their big sister.

Very Happy Cheers


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Congratulations Gary, how fantastic at least the stagea's up to the task.

And how excellent she shares a birthday with someone else "ME!!!!" go the 17th of Dec.

Well done and all the best, well have to wet the baby's head soon.



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Thank you all for your wishes. The kids will be on the next cruise (hopefully) if they are up to it. Tessa loved the last MSC.

Good idea Robocop...

Thanks Will.

OMFG Birty is back!!! When the hell did you go to Canada?

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