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Wheels machining

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Hey guys.

All this talk about wheel spacers has led my in the opposite direction.

I think the wheels on my car are GTR offset on an R34 GTT and this is causing some annoying rubbing of the tyres on the inner guards.

Enough that I have rubbed all the way through the inner guard liners and frayed some wires and stuff, so it's reasonably advanced.

Anyway, can I machine some material from the INNER face of the wheel where it meets the hub????????

I don't want to repair the guards and liners and have the front end sprayed if it's just going to do it all again....



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You can cut your wheels in half, take out X width, re weld and get the new B width size. Yes its legal*, well in Queensland anyway. I had some done for a car up here. It’s a pretty common thing on sprint cars an so forth. I paid $450 for wheels to be done. Two rears made wider, and two fronts made smaller width wise.

*Note: Do this at you’re on risk. I’m going by what I have done and been told.*

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