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I would like say a big THANKS to all my sponser for the help in 2004





MAZFIX PH 07 3341 1111

DIRECT CLUTCH PH 07 3862 2680

WILLALL RACING PH 08 8341 1707

BD4S PH 02 9879 3322

CAMERONS PAINT PH 07 3277 3475

M & D STRIPS PH 07 3808 2266




HKS AUSTRALIA PH 02 9817 7711

AVWG PH 07 3209 7766


Thanks to every one that help us out this year. Hope to see all of you at a track some where in australia in 2005

Theo & The Crew

Theo Woollett RACING

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I like to thank theo for "Misleading" me when i bought my skyline from brisbane street machines.

luckily he sold me warranty which paid for most of the problems i had.

I would REALLY like to thank all the guys and gals on this forum for arming me with the information to make a better choice next time. As well as the info to get in and work on my car myself.

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theo, thanks for making s.e. qld proud for having one of these fast gtr in australia that is still driven on street :(
I'd like to thank Theo for providing me with a blown rb20det years ago to help me build my NA+turbo monster. Without him being the only bloke that didn't say "don't do it" I probably never would have stuck with Skylines.

I'd also like to thank Theo for breaking out at Jambo so us slow buggers got some more runs in :wassup:

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Whats the problem with someone thanking sponsors for all the work they put into someones car ?    I think some of you are just jealous that you don't have the brains to build something like that yourself

Not jealous just amazed that someone can build such a good machine from the misfortune of others. Why thank sponsors when the car buyers (probably a few people here) actually payed for the car and alot of whats on it; and they are the ones reading this...

Wow its a fast car, personally my self respect and dignity is more important than a car.

That said; anyone could build that car with the equivelant money and sponsors, weather or not you could drive it properly is another question :headspin:

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Yes its true that the cars they sell are way, way over average prices.. but lets not forget that these guys have a lot of overheads compared to when you import personally.

Especially when you have to consider that most of their cars sit on the lot for a very long time, when they do sell the car they have to have a lot of margin or they'll go out of business.

Some people like the convenience of buying frmo a dealer because you can have the car straight away and there is a warranty, but other than that the person should know better in the first place.

I remember walking into a certain car yard in brisbane *cough* two years ago with an ATM bank statement well into the six figures after selling a business and looking for a new car. I was pumped to buy an R33 GTR, and I couldnt even get into one for a test drive to see what they drove like because certain car sales people where too lazy to show me one and probably thought I was too young to have any money. The guys where impossible to deal with and didnt want to know me. Not a great business attitude.

And knore: 'anyone can build a car to go that fast with enough money and sponsors', theo has acheived a lot more than what most people with money and sponsors have been able to do.

With bitching aside, Congratulations on getting into the 9s on Federals, theo, respect for that.

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I own and build the car myself. The car is not owned by Brisbane Street Machines, I bought the car from here. I work here i don't own the place. I thanked my sponser on the site because most of you want performance parts and if these guys can look after me then they can look after you at the right price to. I am sure all of you would like the go fast parts at the right price

Regards Theo


Just remember that we are the only 2.6ltr ever in australia to run a 9 second pass

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Just remember that we are the only 2.6ltr ever in australia to run a 9 second pass

Hey Theo, de-stroke it to 2498cc, convert to hydraulic lifters and run a 9.... THEN you'll impress me!



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I like to thank theo for "Misleading" me when i bought my skyline from brisbane street machines.

luckily he sold me warranty which paid for most of the problems i had.

Care to share your experience? I have yet to buy car from street machines, But Theo was more then happy to talk GTR’s and performance parts forever and a day.

I know where I’ll be buying my R` from.


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