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Nizpro's twin turbo 355 ferrari spyder


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here's the current specs for their XR6 Turbo engine, as far as I know the figure was acheived on 98 octane unleaded.

Posted: Sat Oct 30, 2004 11:42 am    Post subject: 1223 hp (913Kw) acheived    



Last night was great with some 60-70 people rocking up to witness the XR6Turbo engine deliver an astonishing 913kW.  

Other stats:  

750Nm @ 2200rpm  

1000hp (746kW) achieved no less than 5 times  

1100hp achieved 3 times  

1200hp achieved twice  

Maximum NM: 1476!!!  

Note the 2200rpm figure of 750Nm is 200 NM greater than the new Typhoon delivers flat out.  

Engine was only revved to around 6900 and given it is designed to make best power at 7200rpm, one can only guesstimate the possibilities.  

Boost was at 1.7 bar or 25 psi  

Looking good you would have to say for a 9-second pass in the Nizpro Ute.  

Then again we now have to find a transmission capable of holding the power.

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