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Japan Translation Guru's please help


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Hi there,

My GTR recently arrived and it's in fabolous condition.

while installing an immobiliser today i found this sticker on the side of the steering column,


If anybody recognises the company or can translate what it means i would appreciate it, thanks.

Also if anyone has any information on these ECU's I would appreciate it, found it where the Nissan one is meant to be :)



Pic of my GTR below


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Impul ECU's are usually tuned for air cleaner, exhaust and boost up only Gary... maybe the speed limiter has been removed too. If the car has been put back to stock she'll be running rich for sure.

I get a "redx.jpg" for the first pic...

Btw, nice GT-R mate, I see you have 'Aeromaster' sideskirts!

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ok pic should be working now.

Thanks Rezz, yeh she has a couple of HKS pods, HKS dump pipes and fronts, as well as a full HKS Hiper exhaust (pretty quiet for a gtr) currently running a bar of boost on 98 octane.

has some top end work as well, noticed when i replaced the gasket, tomei cams and hks gears. looks like the engine was serviced pretty regulary as well as i didn't find any contamination in all the fluids and no carbon build ups in the head.

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