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I got a set of 4 ENKEI Evolution Racing Rims. I dont know much about the offset etc.

But the back ones look pretty wide, about 1.5inch wider then the front ones, and i had 255x40x17 fitted on them b4, i guess they would be suitable even for wider tyres, maybe 265s. good for ppl that want traction, or ppl that go on the track, coz they are wide and light.

They are six spoke, and will fit any 5stud Skyline (Nissan, Ford etc.,114.3)

The condtion is pretty good, have got almost no gutter marks or watsoever, only around the wheelnuts from replacing the tyres very often, by the way they come with Dunlop SP3000 rubber in almost 90% tread. (245x45x17)

Price: $900

Location: Melbourne

Wheelnuts: YES

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