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Are there any Tribes (pref. t1 or t:vengeance) players out there on SAU?

I've recently got back into T1 :rofl: Hoping some others are out there?

I play as [prae] on the iPGN and GamingSA.com servers (heh..only 2 left in Aus..)


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OMG!1one! It's a Triber! What name did you play under someonestolecc? And how long ago?

Only mods I play are Duel and Team Rabbit, Insomniax was fun at one stage :D

Sadly Telstra Duel went ages ago (3+ years now..I've been playing that long?!), and the only servers left are GamingSA.com and iPGN (both base servers), with a Team Rabbit server occasionally hosted by Alpha. Snowblind (SB) and Stonehenge (SH) are still being played heavily, along with DangerousCrossing (DX) and Canyon Crusade Deluxe (CCD) :D

If you dont to get back into Tribes, there's a full install on www.gamearena.com.au which includes the 1.8-1.11 patch in the download. The Aussie servers these days need to have an unofficial patch installed to prevent cheaters etc. which can be found here. It needs v1.11 installed before it would work~ Not to mention all the map files:




If enough people start playing from SAU, might as well start an SAU clan eh?

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I tried to post the other day but the damn forum was having troubles.

I hate insomniax, I hate renegades even more :P

SB and SH own except last I played people started modding them and doing things like light class only - which in my opinion is a bit of a cop out.

DX and CCD are ok but I was never a fan of all the dox maps.. Probably cos I couldn't find any good routes (one thing I was never good at).

I used to play as ol dirty bastard most of the time although I've had a few different names when clanned and smurfing/hiding :)

I'll have a look at that but right now I don't have a pc so it'll be a bit difficult. Infact thanks for reminding me I'm going down to have a look at a new laptop now - I should take my tribes cd with me to test haha.

Then again I'll ask em to test with halflife or something and see how that plays.

Talk soon P.

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