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External Wastegates


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What's to big, or to small, or just right?

Considering the Garrett GT35/40 rated at about 650HP that's fitted to the new BA XR6 Turbo Falcon has an internal wastegate of 32mm.

Is an external wastegate of similar size on a similar turbo, adequate or not?

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to give you an idea, im running a 600hp GT30

And im using a 45mm Ext Gate with a 7psi spring... running 16psi it hold fine. Hits boost fine.

The only drama i have is in 5th the gate slowly creeps open earlier than it should be. But thats fixed by putting in the 14psi spring i've got to put into it soon.

SydneyKid did a mass thread on all of this. It would be well worth doing a search for it as it had a LOT of information.

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