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Cefiro air filter pod heat shields EOI


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Hey guys,

Merry Xmas to all.

Over xmas to get away from the relos I've been thinking of making up some heat shield templates (proper style) to produce for the cefiro.

Considering there are none off-the-shelf stuff would anyone be interested to get a few made up (i'd be able to show ya the prototype, which would be made of aluminium lined with rubber). I'm hoping the end product to be made of welded steel sheets lined with rubber. This will also have the pipe inlet part "one size fits all" so us with z32's can fit them as well as those with stock pipes.

To keep costs down I'd either let you do stick on the rubber, or buy a fat-fat sheet of rubber to stick on so hopefully it'll be cheaper getting it in one hit (so you have it sent out to you ready to fit).

It'd have a space for the washer water bottle thing so it would be a straight swap if you had a pod. Depending on how the welding would be done it MIGHT be possible I'd be able to have 2 versions, where one has the top part left off so that if you wanted to go buy some acrylic so you can see your pod you could. (interest in this?)

Considering I don't have a standard intercooler I'd probably need a few guys help fitting it so it would fit people with stock or aftermarket gear.

If so how much would you be willing to pay? I realise most of you are pretty handy so you could do it yourself but hey if we can pool in and get something organised we might be able to save money and have a template set lying around should we need more.

So.. basically. I'll be making a prototype out of aluminium. If noone wants any I will just continue to use that. If you guys do want some and we can have enough put together to make it worth-while for all I'll make some up and start sendin em out.

If anyone has any suggestions or thoughts on this that'd be great too. One thing I'm yet to work out is if you had a stock AFM and a stock intercooler, where would the air be fed in from? I've never seen the stock snorkel - so as I said I'd like to have a look at a stock one after my initial prototype is done.

kursed you up for letting me check your car out sometime in the new year?

Again - I won't be bothering if there ain't enough interest so let me know.

Merry xmas again - remember double demerits and shieeet so be safe and legal!


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if anyone is in melbourne - you may want to talk to topstage... they deal in custom carbon fibre and kevlar work...

making battery and pod CF/kevlar partitions/covers atm also... if anyone is interested - reply here and ill dish out the details

- adz

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Any suggestions where people with a stock intercooler would get the air from JK?


I have probably 3foot worth of that flexible cold air pipe stuff the 3inch stuff. Now it goes from the front bar, and sorta sits when looking directly at the front between the intercooler and the radiator (for obvious reasons we still wanted air flow to both) then it goes up behind the head light, (left corner) runs below and behind that, the come out and the air flows directly to the pod. If you go have a look at the car its a lot easer to work it out. I noticed a HUGE difference, so Id guess the box would help even more.

But just one question, is there anything that would sheld the heat better???

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pitch - how much would it cost? are we talkin for the cefiro? dishhhh it...

davo - could you please take a pic for me?

And steel won't be great but the rubber will be. I'm thinking that the best stuff would be something like the stock box but that involves moulding, not cutting and welding so ideally yes that composite plastic stuff (i'm not sure what substance it is) would be ideal but... practicalities.

I wonder what non-automotive shop does that sorta stuff? Like... people who make boats or something that could just whip something up from a design?

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Ok, best pic as I can get due to no digital camera. I should give you a fair idea on where the pipe is going. On mine it stops flush under the light, but we did have to cut out a small amount of metal. Its tight, but its not kinked and doesnt flop about.

Hope that helps (God bless MSpaint!)

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Dave - Thanks for the paint-a-gram. Where's the pipe fit in behind the headlight?

kursed - thanks mate I might have it sorted with cef11e so I'll checkout with him first and then we might trial on yours... See how we go.

The only place a 3inch pipe can fit :P There aint a lot of room in there. We got the scars to prove it too. But if I look between the bumper an the light you can see the pipe there no worrys. (my front bar kinda hangs a bit low, there shouldnt be a gap)

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