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Boost Octant Sh!ts me


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i had idling problem for few weeks...thanks to the boost octant~~~~!!!

here is the story, one day i was cleaning my garage and found a new bottle of 104 boost octant, so i thought just use them as i needed to fill up the tank, which was a BAD BAD idea~~!!! I knew i had a coil pack problems and i was in the process of waiting for a set of SplitFire. anyway, 3 weeks later, i received my SplitFire and i quickly drop them in with a new set of spark plugs. It did solve the problem of reving over 4000rpm, but a new problem occur --->> the rpm kept dropping and killed spark plugs all the time~~~!!!

anyway, i managed to finish patrol mixed with octant booster in the tank..and filled it up with a full tank of OPTIMAX......now the problem solved and my car runs beautifully...but i think i will need to clean the carbon in the engine. Any1 know how to do it??? and with what to clean the carbon.


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