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Hello _ BOV questoins for N00bie


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Hello everyone i got me a r33 1995 gts-25t stock off its nut.

Now i want to put a Blow off valve so i can be fully sick haha.

What i need to know is everything one needs to know about and how to installa Blow off valve ...


what type of BOV is better - what are the different types?

How much does it cost to install and how much shud i pay for a BOV?

REMBERING my r33 gts-25t is stock as a rock - so i dont need any high end gear.

Also when installing a BOV do i need to have my onboard computer tweaked? (not aftermarket the stock one)

Thanks Guys - All info is greatly appreciated


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OK were to start... :kick:

if you just want to be fully sick like you said, just put a pod fillter on and u will have the same effect, the stock valve makes enought noise to be noticed.

If you want to go aftermarket BOV u will:

(Aspeacialy with a cheap bov)

1. back fire

2. Your car will sometimes stall wen coming to a compleate stop eg- trafic light

3 loss of fuel economy

( Please correct me if im wrong )

( they are just some of the things that had happen to me and other people on these forums )

For them things to stop u will need an after market ecu eg, PFC or e manage ect the original computer can not be tuned.

Alot of people do chose to stay with the stock valve as it doesnt leake untill about 17PSI but then again wen the small hole on the original valve is blocked it doesnt leak at all.


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Now i want to put a Blow off valve so i can be fully sick haha.

Please sell your car to someone who deserves it.

BOV on stock car just for the sound = loser.

Use the money for more useful things - "PERFORMANCE PARTS" perhaps.

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The only reason I'd get an aftermarket BOV is if the stock one was leaking (thus loosing boost). Reasons for this have been stated above, but most importantly the fine you get when defected for it is not worth it, expecially if all you want it for is to make some noise.

If you still want one, try a Stealth FX from GFB. They have a model built specifically for R33's and bolts on in a matter of minutes. I'm sure that Turbosmart also make adaptor kits for R33's as well for all their BOV's.

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