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1993 R32 GTS T 5 Speed

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I have for sale my R32 GTS T

Bought in 2001 with 68K on the clock and has been in storage for the last 8 months. Current KM is 84K

Have just replaced all pads and rear tyres , front tyres are 30%. Also just replaced the PS pump ( HICAS ) type

Current VIC reg with 4 months left ...

Vehicle is UN modified and I am asking $13,000.00

If you are interested then call 0402 458093

have tried to attach piccies but problems .....email me for set [email protected]


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Hi Guys .....

have taken your comments on board.

Are you saying that this vehicle is pr 1990 ????? If so then I have a vehicle that is not what it appears to be ......

Where exactly do I check the VIN No ????

low volume compliance was done thru GE-TE-R Motorsport in June 2000

I am also confused re you indication on timing cover .....I believed that all R32 GTS T's had the RB20 motor , is this incorrect as well ????

Front indicators I have replaced the r/h and was not aware that there is a diifference ...l/h indicator has been sprayed over with a dark black tint so who knows where this one came from ....

This is my first skyline and I love it , however I am not an expert on speed dial faces or other stuff that you seem to indicate are wrong with this vehicle .....

If you guys think this vehicle is not genuine or not what it appears to be then I invite you to inspect thie vehicle and put the record straight ......I am not out to deceive anyone.....

I can only rely on the purchase checks done by the dealer and VIc Roads as to the credentials of this vehicle when I purchased it in 1991


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