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Cooling Panel R32

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skirts sold

Panel sold as well

also i have

1 HKS 2005 Calander huge full gloss poster calander has the Turbbe SILVIA-S15,HKS EVO,R34 drag car,350z drag car,and Tarago and honda legend HKS decked out vans plus more

$50 posted

posted anywhere in Aus

i have 10 more comming shortly both for 33 and 32

let you know when they arrive

HKS CHRONO BLACK FACE guages asking $1450neg

lite up bright white-look seriously awesom

4 guages and main box over 2100 new

any questions

0419 436 427

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    • I bought mine from Concept Z https://conceptzperformance.com/hks-stainless-steel-catback-exhaust-system-full-dual-muffler-infiniti-q60-coupe-17-cv37-awd-rwd-31014-kn001_p_32626.php Put it on myself. Very easy jack stands. But if i was going to do it again i would get something like this   https://conceptzperformance.com/nissan-infiniti-infiniti-sport-exhaust-kit-axle-back-exhaust-system-infiniti-q60-17-coupe-cv37-b0100-q60st_p_30289.php Or just straight pipe it the whole way. I drove the car without an exhaust for shits and giggle when i was swapping it and it's not very loud at all. 
    • Ignore the monster truck ride hide, I messed up on the offsets and widths and ended up ditching them a few weeks later when my coilovers didnt fit
    • I always drive with the tire pressure gauges showing the PSI because I'm paranoid about getting a flat tire and not knowing then keep driving and tear it apart. No amount of goo is going to fix a shredded tire. My Q60 has the goo and the V36 had the goo too. Never used it but I have used the pump to pump up the tire to get home. Then I fixed it with a plug. Wasn't keen on the goo.
    • My Q50 doesn't even have 'goop', it comes standard with runflats, so no spare, no jack, no goop, nothing.  No idea what the JDM models come with. I bought a 370Z donut (needs to be at least 18in to clear the akebonos), a spare jack and wheel brace and I throw that in the boot when I go out of town, saves having to spend the $$ and endure the downsides of runflat tyres. Apparently if you are creative, you can make yourself a replacement boot base out of high density foam and fit the donut under the boot mat, but you lose about 100mm of boot depth.
    • WTB transfer case 5 speed for 32/33 GTR preferably Sydney. Please call or message me on 0406368054 
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