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RB26 fuel rail on RB25?

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Has anyone done it yet?. I compared the two a few months back and the injector ports seemed to line up, just the mounts on the RB26 rail were just a little different, but could easily make new mounts for it (either extension add on or just cut the old ones off and take up some new ones.

Just curious to see if anyone has done this yet.

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Ok bare with me. A friend used GTR injectors and GTR fuel rail on his RB25. Only thing is he used the Greddy plenum.

BUT, remembering the Greddy plenum acceptes std RB25 injectors and fuel rail, well it seems the GTR rail and injectors can also be used on the std RB25 inlet manifold.

Just remember the GTR injectors are a different impedence so have to use the GTR resistor pack if you used GTR injectors...but if you are just planning on using the fuel rail then i guess im rambling:(

But, short answer ...YES, provided you are planning on using top feed injectors:thumbsup:

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