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I got a defect notice (WA)

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Just got done for a defect notice.

now get this

got pulled over (900pmish) by a cop car, pulled out onto a 60k zone pretty fast (note: automatic late 80s magna, so not fast compared to boosted jap car or v8 or even a six) and accellerated to 60. Before I knew it I had disco lights behind me, so I pulled over to a closed service station and idled. The cop (duel cab rodeo pady wagon thing) did the NYPD "drives infront of my car and parks with lights on thing" and the two cops get out. me and my mate are just sitting there giggling like kids at how american cops influence our cops, its not like i was going to do a runner, they came over, made me turn car off and HE TOOK THE KEYS AWAY FROM me i was still giggling and didnt really notice... Anyway, I was my polite self and there was a young chick (early/mid 20s) [note: "bad" cop] and an older guy [note: "quiet/good" cop] Now

1) young chick demands I get out of car

2) old dude asks for licence and am I familar with the 'car impoundment laws' i said no, he left it at that

3) start checking my car, chick tells me to get to back of car, i (which is true) said I have been RBT'd and car checked twice in the last week she also told me to turn lights on, so did {car off the guy cop (smoking a ciggy) had my keys} so parking lights came on, then she asked for the headlights on and im like "can i please have my keys back then? she got the keys and tried to start my car. took her a few goes to get the immobilisr (she didnt want my help!) she even said "is the car in gear?" its an automatic in park dear.... " that shut her up. she also told me to put my foot on the brake (so she could see the brake lights) i go ok and shes like mumble mumble

4) old dude FIRES UP A CIGGY note: we are at a closed service station, like 1m away from fuel bowser

5) inspect my car, i ask the chick "what have I done wrong" she says "you know what You have done wrong" im like, uhhhk

6) asked to pop bonnet, i say to old cop "yeah mate, shes pretty standard, no mods" he goes, yeah no worries chick says IM NOT HAPPY WITH THE BATTERY im like "er dad had it for two years, best mate is a mechanic, they dont have any problems with this car" then she fired up and said "IM SICK OF YOU TELLING ME WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK" im like yep ok, your putting in your 2cents and im putting in my 2cents ok [in a polite way] hahah i was getting nervous

anyway they go back to their car (in front of me) and start writing stuff. I got a defect (nothing else) for damaged front bumper and 2x cracked lights (which were ok by every other cop who pulled me over the last week)


to top it off they didnt read my licence right, and put my old address (didnt view the sticker on back) and on the defect. they also but my name as the owner of the car, which is incorrect its under another family member

now to be honest i would only dispute this to piss the hell out of the big-head-i-got-a-cute-face-but-im-a-****ing-bitch young chick, but seen they made so many "unprofessional" errors, can I stand my ground? I found the whole matter quiet humourous. Im like "yeah whatever im a polite smart ass" my mate is pissed as in the passengers seat, the cop chick is a nasty bitch, and the guy cop is like "yeah whatever i dont care im happy lets go".

btw im in WA

sorry if it didnt make much sence but but you get the gist.

all in all, she had a huge grudge, its like ive been boning her younger sister or something

ahaha one of lifes experiences

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