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Hey guys and gals! I'm Gideon, pretty new to the forum. Picked up my 33 almost 2 months ago now and absolutely love it! Thought I better start a build thread before shit starts getting hectic :D

Picked it up for $6500 with a couple months rego, 132,000kms, I'm the 3rd owner in aus, few basic mods (FMIC, pod, exhaust).

The night I picked her up :)



Gave her a bit of a clean and took a couple pics with a half decent camera!



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First week I had her I picked up a second hand set of pedders coilovers for $550!


I fitted them up along with some adjustable cambers arms all round... This was basically the end result. Got guards rolled, 245 rear tyres and wheel alignment and another 10mm dropped in the rear.


Went out and took a few more pics with new stance :D







Me and a mate after the drags, he unfortunately wrote it off in the rain 2 hours later....




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Next mod was a Greddy Profec EBC! Installed her in a stealthy spot (boost gauge was mounted here by previous owner :S). Wound the boost up to 9-10pound (was hitting R&R with anymore) and was a heap better!



Then Picked up some Highflowed 550cc Injectors (Sold to me as Nismo 740s........). Still ok for what I wanted but not the point. Got them cleaned, rebuilt and flow tested!


Rear Hicas joints were fkd so thought I might as well just totally eliminate the Hicas system from the rear end and bought these. Still need to get around to putting them in when I can be bothered...


Was looking for a split dump for a while and then this came up for $100 so had to jump on it! Installed that and noticed a bit more low-mid range torque.


Ordered these off ebay and got the trim colour matched! Turned out sweeeet!



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Then this is where the good stuff started :D Picked up this bad boy for $1000 with lines and dump pipe! GT3076R EWG .82 rear....




Gave her a much needed service and threw the green shiz I got with the car when I bought it on! Doesn't look too bad...



Couldn't resist doing this....


That's all for now, but I have a CRG Highmount coming in the next few weeks, picking up a Turbosmart Hypergate 45 Thursday, ordering fuel pump and z32 AFM Plug next week then should be almost ready to go into the shop for a nistune and dyno tune!

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Cheers Sinista! Really happy with it, can't wait to get the turbo on and tuned!

Couple pics of me and my mates 33... Heading out for a Mt Mee run!



When he wrapped it around a pole after the drags.... Lucky he is alive. You can only see the clutch pedal..




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Our drag, I couldn't get the bloody thing off the line (brand new tyres on 40psi didn't help).. Can hear me slip the clutch to get her going. 2.5 0-60ft time, end up running a 14.96, he ran 14.93...............

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This is my mates old car. Turned a few spanners on her before. The BOV used to be blocked off with a JDM Asahi beer can cut to fit.

She's looking good. Hope you enjoy working on her.

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Yeah mate still have the GV, dailying that around now haha!

Haha dam thats sweet, I've only blocked it off with a coke can :(

Little update, mani should be here this week, got myself some YJ's and popped em in. Did a comp test while i was in there too. Bit sketchy but all above board. Tested 170-170-170-155-160-155


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awwwwwwwwwwwwww.... why did you get YJ?

They're ok as stock replacements, but once you start feeding boost and more dwell into the coils you end up with issues.

Only paid $150 for em ;) Guy I bought em off was running 300rwkw at 18.5psi so we will see how they go. If they can't keep up then I'll just sell em and get 2 more splitfires to complete my set.....

Still waiting on my mani from CRG... Almost been a month now, they have said it will be out their door on Tuesday latest. Then gotta throw mani and turbo on and customize my dump to suit new gate then send them off the be ceramic coated :)

Been talking with my tuner and decided to f**k the AFM off and go a HPX MAF with the Nistune, that way I'll be able to run a 4" intake as well. Need to find someone cheap to fab that up and also a new crossover pipe so it doesn't obstruct that high mount :D Tuner quoted me about $350-400 to do the 4" intake and weld the MAF bung on, need to get a price on the crossover pipe still.

I've also sold my 550cc side feeds and going straight up 1000cc Bosch EV14s with a Raceworks Billet Rail and Tomei Reg. Anyone know where to get some cheap plugs for the injectors?

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nice man!

ever though about Plazmaman intercooler piping kit? (I can do better prices than directly with Plaz)


I run the same kit on my car, however no BOV at all.

In terms of plugs, try these guys:


or eBay US

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Yeah I have but I'm not getting a new piping kit when I've already got one just need the crossover done. I won't be running a BOV either but tuner said it might cause stalling issue which was another reason for going the HPX MAF.

Yeah looks like I can get em cheaper locally. $45 for a set of 6.

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