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R32 GTR worth buying?

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Hey guys,

I have put a deposit down on a 1990 R32 GTR and have got some pics and a mechanic report.

Car specs are as follows:


1990 Nissan Skyline GTR N1 engine & HKS turbos

Built in Jan 1990

2.6L twin turbo 4WD

5 speed manual

gunmetal grey

112,000 km's

N1 spec engine

HKS 2530 turbos

aftermarket exhaust

aftermarket air filter

aftermarket intercooler

17" AVS model 5 alloys

twin plate clutch

4x additional meters

N1 GTR headlights


The car looks great from the pics; better than I expected. There's a couple of minor blemishes but what do u expect from a 15 yo car?

Anyway, the problem is there's a couple of points of rust underneath the car where u put the jack to raise the car. The pics are attached to the thread.

The mechanical report on the car is as follows:


Nissan Skyline GTR


112,057 km's

gunmetal grey

5 speed manual



Beautiful polish coating

Crack on the rear spoiler

Minor paint blemish on right rear

Left side skirt has gap

Some uneven painting (not bad)

17" AVS model 5 alloys

Mine's exhaust system


Rubbing on back of drivers seat

Left power window switch not working

Steering wheels shakes (wheel balance?)

Audio (CD radio KENWOOD) in the globe box

Greddy boost gauge

Sometimes ABS light comes on

HKS EVC boost controller

Many additional meters

*Engine room*

Clutch and other mechanicals are good

Front strut brace

Apexi air filter

Lumpy idle (possibly large cams)

Minor oil stain (maybe tiny leak)

Dent and rust on the jack point (left and right side)

Dents on the frame underneath


Dents/rust underneath is not that bad

Exterior is beautiful

Interior is very good

Overall opinion is good


The car seems to be great value when u consider all the mods at a landed price of under $18k. Not sure if it really is an N1 engine tho. The rust is the thing that concerns me the most. From the pics, does it look like an expensive fix? Are the minor problems enough to worry about so that I should back out of it?

Would appreciate any comments/opinions u guys would be willing to offer.


Alan :D

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Imo, it does not seem to be bad rust at all. The metal is obviously not good quality, and as the car is 15 years old, it's bound to rust.

The paint around the area does not seem to have bubbled. There is some rust reversal shit at the hardware store. just paint it on. then spray it with some spray pain tto seal it.

The car is good value, and that is just a minor $50 problem.

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yeah, that would be classified as "fairly minor" for rust in my book.. can easily be cured and coated.. What you would have to watch out for if its seeped up to the floorpan, as that can be trickier to fix. What is that back towards the cat converter on the floor there - that looks like more rust? Do you have photos of that?

The main one is the chasis rails (they are not what you are referring there - those are just the sills..) which are about average for that age, with the usual misplaced jacking and things - they look fairly straight. Not sure whether the rear of the LHS rail (2nd photo) is meant to be like that, looks a bit bent in, although its hard to tell from that shot.

otherwise seems like a good price for those levels of modifications.. if you add the price of a GT2530 turbo kit and a few other things, there is a few $k just there.

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Yes, my sentiments exactly. When u add up all the mods, even after budgeting say 2 or 3 grand for maintenance/repairs the car is still good value and in pretty good condition. Better than most I've seen for sale.

There's over 100 photos of the car. I'm happy to send u guys the link if you're interested. I just didn't want to post it here otherwise there'd be too many ppl fighting over my car! hahahaha

Thanks for your feedback 97r33gtst-typeM and predator! Much appreciated :)

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hi, i noticed the gtr has a "hks evc boost controler" i bought a 92 model gtr that had 1 and when i tried to adjust it it opened to boost reglator. as much fun as 1.8bar was, it done a lot of damage to my turbos (even though i only boosted it twice) now im lookin at about 7grand for new ones. Ive also been told by a fair few people that the life on the evc's isn't quite as long as our cars are old. Don't know if it was that the controllers arent real good or if im just unlucky. but i hope you enjoy your new car and any1 who owns a gtr knows there is nothing like the feening of the 4wd launch, even in a stock1.

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thanks for the heads up dude!

i was thinking i might get the hks actuators as well to control boost. this should give me a hard limit so even if something does go wrong it won't be that bad. i could also have the option of setting the actuators at say 1.5 bar (i don't think that's too high for the 2530's?) and having the evc control boost lower than this.

i also plan to get a power fc and get it tuned in the early stages; make sure it gets enough fuel! don't want my baby to go bang on me due to our crappy fuel and jap tuning. who knows what the previous owner's done with tuning....

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