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Hey i'm in the process of importing an 89' R32 Four Door GTS-T Skyline and while I think i'm pretty prepared for getting it on the road and running, I haven't the slightest clue about what needs to be done to the vehicle to pass it over the pits. I've been told that the car 'apparently' needs to have have side intrusion bars fitted, child restrait points and a couple of other things I can't remember to be done. I've emailed a couple of places about what needs to be done but there very inconsistant with there replying.

So has anyone recently gone through the process of getting an import registered or more specifically the GTS-T R32 and could tell me what possibly needs to be done to pass it through pits. Also I've never been through the pits before. Apparently it's a pretty evil place to go to. :)

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ive heard welshpool are pretty good...

As far as the bars go... i dunno... i know that u needa change all ure seat belts over to aus standard ones etc (so ive been told a few times)

but apart from that im not sure... you should probably goto a compliance workshop and discuss it further with them (one that has done a few imports before... someone here will know) and from that you should be right with whatever the pits rekon ... OTHERWISE... give the pits a call yourself and find out what needs to be done etc for it to be complianced..

then ya should be right...

let us know!!

good luck!

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Took a car over recently. I put my GTR over in May and they hardly looked at the thing... easier than getting the modified Commodore over. Still had to get child restraints, unleaded fuel filler neck, etc...

When I put another car over just a couple of months ago, things have now changed. You now have to pick up a check list from the DOT that and engineer has to tick and sign off. You still have to do things like side intrusion bars, child restraints, flat drivers mirror but you also have to have an O2 test done on a dyno.

Seat belts themselves have to not only be in good condition but also have a particular approval number on them as well as brake lines. I had to replace all of these@ :)

It's all just rubbish red tape to stop people importing.

The car was a van for crying out loud!

The trick is to find a good engineer that is well respected by the pits - Welshpool are great. A bunch of no nonsense guys (good on 'em).

Once this was done it cruised over the pits.

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Gawd that sucks, is there much stuff in compliancing that you can DIY? Or do you need to take it directly to an engineer and get them to comply it directly?

Do you have the name and/or business name of the engineer that you used to pass it over the pits? Cause if you would consider them good i may use them as well.

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imports 101 are a compliance centre who are now importing. they are currently complying my GTR for me. they are based in welshpool on Radium st and the sign out front is Global Motorworks. give them a call and they can also email you a copy of what needs to be done to your car when he gives a price.


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Just to clear things up a bit (in case anyone wasnt sure) compliance and roadworthiness (or pits) are seperate issues. Compliancing is having the car modified to ADR (Aus. Design Rules) standards. The compliance workshop will do the mods, and the engineer will check them off a list. The car is has now been complied.

Now its time for the car to undergo a roadworthiness test, being taken over the pits. They dont really check compliance items here as you give them the engineers check off list anyway. If anything they check tyres for DOT or E markings.


Anti-intrusion bars fitted into every door

Drivers mirror replaced with flat glass

High-mount brake light fitted if not already (eg in the spoiler, rear windscreen)

Fuel filler restrictor

tyres to DOT or E standard

brake lines to ADR standard

Seatbelts - 89 r32's usually dont need to be changed (i'm pretty sure -correct if wrong)

numerous places can do this for you, or you can even do it yourself. Some places are

Autoworx, Phils Mechanical, A&B Autos, John St Autos (Not 100%) and more... I reccommend Autoworx in Wangara. Very good work and quick too.

check out the DIY Compliance thread, we've covered heaps more stuff there: DIY Compliance



GotBoost, you wont have to find an engineer yourself, its all taken care of for you as part of the compliance process by whichever workshop you choose.

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Yeah went up and spoke to the guys at Autoworx in Wangara in my lunch break, mind you which is only 200m from my work :thumbsup: . Seemed like a bunch of real helpful guys, quoted me approximately $1400 for the fitment of 4 intrusion bars (aka 4 door car), high level brake light, child mounting points, fuel filler restrictor, side mirror (not sure if centre mirror needs to be replaced? Anyone?), an engineering certificate and some other stuff. And also obviously if i did a couple of things myself that price would go right down. Seems like a pretty decent price? Any comments?

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I live about 2 mins from Autoworx, so I'm always dropping in to talk about imports, and getting mine complied - Paul (owner) is always ready for a chat and will even tell you what you can do yourself. $1400 sounds quite reasonable for a 4-door. My 2 door GTST was quoted at $1200, so you're on the money.

You may wanna confirm on the seatbelts if not already, as i think Paul said they dont have to be replaced on our ones... And no, the rearview mirror doesnt need replacing :thumbsup:


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yes the white warrior is now a fully legal citizen as off last thursday! Its been a long time coming but worth it. Next is to the panel shop for a touch up but that can wait cause i'm broke :) Fuel pump is also suss cause its a little surgy when cold......hmmm

Nah the factory belts are fine, just make sure yours isn't missing the rear buckles like mine was! ha ha, stupid thing.....

Autoworx are tops, no bullshit, my car was in and out in 2 days. Very helpful guys. highly recommend them.... :kewl:

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Ah good news man, how good is it when the car *finally* is ready to drive! If your'e up this way bring it round, would love to have a look at her.

howd u go at the pits btw? any hassles? i remember Paul from Autoworx was there when i was taking my last car over, he was getting a Prius licensed. I was in line chatting to him, and he was pointing out which inspectors to try and get and which ones to avoid - think thats what saved me as i got a good one. :)

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I have been involved in 14 cars over the last couple of months complying them and getting them registered, it has varied from $1,400 (with 4 new tyres) for a clean car all the way up to $3,400 (a junk of a car).

The sign off is avialable for all the inspection stations,

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anyone have autoworks phone number?

i need to get a unleaded fuel restrictor of them.

also, i hear i need a emmisions sticker for my car but the guys at nissian cant get one in english, only the jap ones. its the same deal with the tyre placard.

anyone know where i can get these stickers from?



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