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  1. Try JMS Japanese Motosport for a pre purchase inspection etc mate they are very helpful and will be happy to help!
  2. Yeah its a factory white wing mate. Does not have the nismo stickers on the side however. PM me an offer if your interested. Cheers
  3. Genuine pair of very rare Nismo Wing stays (spoiler legs) these replace the legs on the factory r34 gtt spoiler. They are white as per photo $600 posted. Can include wing however postage cost will be more to compensate.
  4. Selling my 34 Gtr drivers seat. Great condition throughout. No stains tips or tears just the minor usaul bolster wear on the rh side. Pick up Adelaide but happy to freight interstate via TNT Express with insurance! $1700
  5. by the looks of the graph did the boys at G7 Adelaide do the install in tuning ? if so It looks like ill be giving them a visit! Great stuff Tao!
  6. Hey guys, I have a R33 Gtst Coupe. Im wanting to fit a more aggresive offset on the rear whilst minimising the amount of poke and while I'm at it remove hicas entirely. The only way around this so far that I have found is a subframe cradle swap. Through my searches I have read that the R33 NON-Hicas Subframe (N/A models ?) has 40mm less track (width) overall thus allowing a further -20mm negative offset to each side. Can anyone confirm this ? or correct me if need be! Also heard of guys doing S14 Cradle swaps. Why is this ? Narrower track ? or simply just to remove HICAS ? Open to any answers and opinions. Thanks guys. Yes I used the search function prior. couldnt find the exact answer! 😪
  7. Still wanting to buy end caps! Can swap carbon ones over if you guys prefer. Also happy to swap a carbon blade for the standard one. Going back to OEM. Cheers
  8. anyone got some end caps they wanna sell me lol ?
  9. Hi guys after some end caps to suit R33 GTR Spoiler not fussed on colour. also after a brake light to suit. also have an Carbon wing blade im happy to swap for a standard one PM me. Cheers
  10. Hi guys I've just managed to source a R33 GTR Spoiler. Good news is that it's genuine, bad news however is that it came without the brake light or end caps which leads me to my next few questions. 1.Will a brake light from a series 2 spoiler fit ? 2.If not is there any of you guys out there that can point me in the right direction to source one and or provide the part number for it ? 3.Does anyone have any end caps they want to sell me ? 4.And lastly would anyone be interested in swapping my Carbon wing blade for a standard one ? Appreciate the help, and yes i searched the forums before posting! 🧐
  11. Looking for opinions as I cant make up my mind R33 GTST 2Dr Work D9R FRONT : 18x9.5 + 23 OR 18x9.5 +12 REAR : 18x10.5 +23 OR 18x10.5 +15 More so after a "slightly stanced" look & I rather they sit more flush then poke out like a monster truck. all guards are rolled. Liners still in, will remove if need be. Would love to see your cars if you guys have any photos! Cheers, Jordzzz...
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