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  1. Looking for opinions as I cant make up my mind R33 GTST 2Dr Work D9R FRONT : 18x9.5 + 23 OR 18x9.5 +12 REAR : 18x10.5 +23 OR 18x10.5 +15 More so after a "slightly stanced" look & I rather they sit more flush then poke out like a monster truck. all guards are rolled. Liners still in, will remove if need be. Would love to see your cars if you guys have any photos! Cheers, Jordzzz...
  2. Up for sale is my Nismo combo meter (instrument cluster) and Triple gauges Work great removed as Im now selling my car They illuminate red and look awesome! km's displayed are 184,XXX $1000 for the pair PM or text on 0434 843 400
  3. So..anyone found any sources that may sell them or does anyone want to sell me a pair please!!
  4. Looking for a R34 Nismo Rear bar preff in White located in adelaide but willing to pay freight let me know! 0434 843 400
  5. anyone got pics of their GTST with these ? want to know if the varrstoen ES3's (ce28n copys) will fit alright on my 33 without scrubbing and without to much poke 18x9.5 +22 all round with 235/40/R18 all round. my car is barely lowered at the moment but will be chucking some BC Coilovers in at some stage.
  6. Ive scanned over 10 pages my understanding of it all is not so great hence the question, would be helpful to have someone answer me directly
  7. Hey guys, im in the market for new rims and im a newbie when it comes to offsets so ive come to you guys! My 33 has not had its guards rolled and sits at a pretty well standard height for the moment but will be putting some BC Coilovers in at the same time or shortly after i get wheels! wanting to put the following on and Id like to know if i can run them safely without any scrubbing and to clear the struts and calipers and to not be sticking out the guards too much! (or is that too much to ask lol) Tyres 235/40/R18 all round Front : 18x8.5 or 18x9.5 + 22 to + 35 (roughly) Rear 18x9.5 +22 to +30 (either or in between) im after the most aggressive deep sort of look on my car, so any reccomendations and or opinions would be great! looking at getting some varrstoen Es3's or Es6's or some Rotas..im too undecided there all so good! Cheers!
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