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  1. Hi all Haven’t had a chance to introduce my self my name is George and I’m the new owner of the black build #98 I was hoping to catch up with a few other ADM owners over the weekend,but was at my other car most of the time blue R34 number plate WPN R34 I bought the car aprx a month ago and it has all books receipts etc with it I was told the car sat for aprx 5 years and wasn’t driven much at all, yes in the bay they have replaced the factory intercooler and radiator with after market items. I have all the factory items and the car will be going in for all resto work in aprx a weeks time. I will have a load of questions regarding the work loll Would be good to catch up with someone for advice and help. Cheers.
  2. Lolll started on the engine bay yesterday and found a big hole in the side of the block!!
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