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  1. As I said in a pm I’ll give you $600 for it
  2. Hi mate, do you still have the original wheel? Can I buy it ? 0438307579 thanks
  3. Hi guys as per the heading I’m after an r32 airbag steering wheel please if anyone has one lying around and how much you’d like for it
  4. Hi can you please email me the photos of it working , lights on etc rickyforte@mcgrath.com.au
  5. Does anyone know where you can buy the above sticker let from?
  6. Hey guys Thankyou for your feedback it’s just the look I want to go for, I understand having 2 boost gauges is abit of waste and a volt meter gauge is old school but as I said that’s the look I’m going for? So again does anyone have any experience or answers to my questions 2 posts up?
  7. Hi guys, sorry to bump such an old thread, I’ve got the car at the auto elec at the minute for a ton of little jobs one of which is obviously fitting some r32 gtr triple gauges in my r32 gtst, I’m hoping to hear from someone who’s done it or an electrician/ mechanic in terms of oil temp have you drilled the sump, used a simp plug or using an oil filter sandwich plate? Any links to anything you can purchase off the shelf etc the boost gauge have people just tapped into the existing manifold pressure sensor on the fire wall? Added an additional similar manifold pressure sensor ? Thankyou very much Guys or girls
  8. Awesome, 2 different opinions, anyone else ? Someone with a little more assurance, particularly talking about the moulded ones around the wheel arches shocker towers etc and the side pieces that cover the jack etc
  9. Hi guys just found some boot trims that I’m about to buy to just tidy up the boot of my gtst and the add says there from a GTR just wondering if anyone knows if they will fit or if there are any subtle differences
  10. Hi guys just wondering if anyone has one for sale? Also any feedback on what I should expect to pay for one? thanks guys
  11. Hi guys and girls, recently bought a r32 gtst and it had this horrendous box of crap in the back which he said were spares for the car, but clearly not. As the title suggests does anyone know what this airbox is off, and also what’s it worth to sell, or thirdly does anyone want it
  12. Does anyone know where we can buy these kits?
  13. Hello all, just wondering if anyone could help me I’ve recently bought a r33 gtst that’s had a hard life electrically I’m just wondering if anyone could send me a photo of the factory boost gauge receiver on the fire wall, the car is running well it’s just the boost gauge sits dead and it doesn’t seem to be the vacuum line I can’t tell if there’s anything missing ?
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