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  1. Excellent,How much for the front seat belts and the seat buckles and pickup ok ?Thank you.
  2. Hey mate can you please send me the pics of the bonnet and the front bar (0430971881) also what condition are the seatbelts in? Thank you.
  3. Hey mate what are the condition of the front seat belts? do they retract properly?
  4. That's cool,once we sort out the switch i would like to look at the condition of the doors and the guards and if any good I'll buy em off you.
  5. Hey mate,Is the window switch for r33 S1 or S2? If s1 i want it thanks.
  6. Hey mate,you got a pic of the driver side switch? Will pick up ASAP thanks.
  7. Hey mate, All up how much will it be to express post the brake master cylinder to melbourne vic 3032 and is it in working condition an non abs,more pics if possible please. Thank you
  8. Hey mate, is it a non ABS brake master cylinder and how much to post to melbourne express?
  9. Hey mate,do you still have the booster and brake master cylinder and how much is the price and postage to melbourne. Thank you.
  10. Hi, Do you still have the brake master cylinder and is it non abs? can you express post it to melbourne and how much? Thank you.
  11. That's precisely my point,Why do i have to waste my time and money just cause some rookie who just got out of the academy thinks my exhaust is loud with out having any proof,WHY WHY WHYoh well,i guess sh*t happens
  12. Hey mate, Very interested in the exhaust,you got any pics of it? Thank You.
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