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  1. phantc_s15

    Awesome time Dave! great driving!
  2. phantc_s15

    Damn car isn’t running so will have to spectate only! Hopefully make the next one!
  3. Registered! Look fwd to the event!
  4. phantc_s15

    I'm running the previous model Hans 2 in medium (I'm a size 39-40 collar). Only comes in 20 degree option. can't say it's uncomfortable and you forget it's on pretty quickly. Highly recommend.
  5. phantc_s15

    Get an s chassis! Don't see enough being used for track days! S15 are great except for fragile 6 speed over an s14 5 speed. Plenty of aftermarket parts as well. With simple mods the SR20 seems pretty reliable. Mines been going strong on 200kw for last few years. Recently bumped to 240 so will comment again after few more track days! [emoji23]
  6. Looks like a fun track and can't make this one! [emoji24]
  7. Nice driving Dave!! Awesome track day and thanks for lunch Andrew & Squires! Some incar of hot laps with Richo.
  8. Would def be interested in some coaching too!
  9. phantc_s15

    Thanks to all the organisers! Awesome day again! New maps were great as well as the free runs at the end!
  10. phantc_s15

  11. Entered! Keen to know about the driver training as well!
  12. Awesome! Hope to get the s14 to this!
  13. phantc_s15

    any planned dates for the July motorkhana?
  14. Sold thanks. Mods please close thread