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  1. Hello everyone, I'm after a Heavy Duty C34 Stagea Tow Bar, either used or manufactured. (Hayman Reece, ideally near the 2,000kg mark) All the custom tow bar places in WA seem to have closed down a few years ago! I've tried contacting ones in Melbourne and Sydney regarding custom tow bars (ones that have made them for ones in this community before) and they all seem to have stopped making them and rid of their jigs for the C34... ? Does anyone know someone selling a used tow bar, or a list of places that still make custom tow bars in Australia? Maybe we can startup an updated list of places where custom tow bars (and their ratings, quality, etc) are in Australia? To help ones such as myself in the future. P.S. Below was the newest mention i could find of a C34 towbar on this forum.
  2. That's pretty bad milage... I get about 500km on my S2 Turbo Auto Stagea and I do put my foot down occasionally. The O2 Sensor is the cheaper part to replace first but I would say the AFM may be playing up as that's pretty much double the fuel you should be using... Check your spark plugs too. PEC O2 sensors I've found we're good for my Skyline and Stagea. Stagea now runs around 12.5L/100km with a new O2 sensor and NGK spark plugs and my R33 Turbo Sedan is 8.5L/100km at best. But usually 9L/100km. It went from 15L/100km to 9L/100km just from getting a new O2 sensor from PEC Online.
  3. For us in Australia, it can be bought from Supercheap Auto and any other store that stocks Ryco filters. Not sure how many will have it in stock in store... Supercheap don't seem to have them normally, but they can order it in. Ryco RCA318P Nissan OEM part number: AY685NS003 (Found - as it is the same as the R50 Pathfinder as mentioned above, just a little thinner.) http://www.rycofilters.com.au/cat/product.html?stock=RCA318P#!/details
  4. Want them gone. Willing to ship. Condenser and pipe attachments: $50 2x Bonnet support latches: $20 each 2x Bonnet support bar with horns: $50, without horns: $40, horns by themselves: $20 Automatic Transmission Radiator/cooler: $50 Condenser fan: $30 RS Four badge/logo: $20 Leftover parts of repair done to my Stagea. Didn't require all of these.
  5. Hello @RS4StagMan Sorry for the update to an old post, but probably better than creating a new one... Maybe you can add this to your original post? The rear boot struts are 700n for my 2000 RS4. At least that's the pressure I had them regassed to and it opens the boot nicely. (Initially tried regassed to 600n and it was a tiny bit better than before I had them regassed, but it wouldn't open the full way without help in the final extension. I guess that shows they loose around 100n in 15 years? Not sure how many opens that would be... But interesting for me at least. ??) Ian at Struts W.A in Perth is great if anyone is after a regas. Much cheaper than new struts! (Assuming you're aren't bent of have lots of nicks on the pipe this is an option). He also supplied new front struts for my bonnet and pressured them to 400n. (My old ones were damaged and couldn't be regassed reliably) Gif attached of it working.
  6. Hello, I'm after a passenger side Xenon headlight and an air box to remove the pod filter and return it to stock.
  7. Sorry to reply to such an old topic - but I thought a few pictures of the mirror, etc might be in order for ones (like I was) not wanting to break anything to get the mirror out... ? ??‍♂️ Edit: I should point out I pulled it off from the breakaway clip and then when wanting to install it again, I screwed the big screw back in-between the circlip first and then screwed the three smaller screws into the roof back in.
  8. Do you have a boot tonneau cover and the carpet/lid for where the spare tyre is? I'm in Lathlain WA 6100.
  9. Not yet... Hoping to soon but probably won't for a couple months at least... Just low on my priority list right now... Sorry
  10. Hey mate, I'm after the silver front s2 bumper... Is that what's not available when you say "front bar"? I'm in Perth, WA (6107)
  11. I'm giving him a call to see if he'll ship it to Perth, WA, how much it would cost and what the legalities are of installing it myself.
  12. Here's a contact card with everything you need - for anyone who was rounding-up the details like me for the towbar. Des.vcf This is what is in the card.
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