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  1. allthewaytotheskyline

    Hi sorry to hijack but ive never heard of using yaris coil packs. Why so?
  2. Will this also work on an rb25?
  3. allthewaytotheskyline

    Inbox me as im interested in your turbo
  4. allthewaytotheskyline

    I originally bought them for a rb25det build but since went with rb2530det. Any other opinions???
  5. Hi guys, Ive been fortunate enough to get a set of reasonably priced forged pistons for a rb2530 neo build. They are mahle model: nis232405d12 86.5mm Now I know the rb30 doesnt have squirters so thats one less issue. But now question is will these work in that bottom end?? Ive got nitto forged Rods. These are flat top pistons right? Will these pistons work with the neo head for a cr of 9.0 or slightly above 9.0? Would my machinist know? Hope someone knows!
  6. allthewaytotheskyline

    Hey guys im tossing up between turbo choices for a mainly street driven with the odd track day a few times a year. Im looking for minimal lag yet still torque throughout as much of the rev range as possible, about 8k rev limiter. Engine is fully forged with 260 poncams on e85 and all supporting mods including oil pump gasket, sump etc For obvious legal reasons id like to keep the turbo internal gated. Choices are between the gtx3576 gen 2 or gtx3582 gen 2 (both internal gate with ford xr6 style rear housing and flapper ported to 39-40mm for better boost control. Any other very streetable that you guys can recommend???
  7. allthewaytotheskyline

    Anyone else got any contributions?
  8. allthewaytotheskyline

    Yeah totally missed that ...long day at work!
  9. allthewaytotheskyline

    Also which forged pistons were used?
  10. allthewaytotheskyline

    Hmmm which gasket are you using and did you take much off the block?
  11. Need help finding new correct forger pistons for 9.0cr for new engine build with 25 neo head? What has everyone else used? I know spool do a custom set of cp pistons and also I can order a set off the shelf of cp but they bring comp to approx 9.3cr which ive told you will need to put a thicker head gasked. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Bass
  12. allthewaytotheskyline

    For r33 or r34?
  13. allthewaytotheskyline

    Hey guys, Looking to buy a healthy running long motor for a rb25det neo. Must have good compression and overall health. Can pick up have trailer ready. Contact me 0424266984 Sam
  14. allthewaytotheskyline

    Hey mate interested in apexi boost gauge. Please inbox me your number. Thx