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  1. It's fibreglass and came with the car when I bought it however I have since purchased the original front bar so it's no longer needed. It's been sprayed with Sonic Silver colour to match my Series 2 GTR paint.It has a few scratches and minor cracks which can be seen in the photots.The previous owner fixed some of the small cracks with matching coloured tape which surprisingly looks okay so I was pretty happy with it until I decided I wanted the stock look.Doesn't include fog lights, these will need to be transferred from your existing front bar. Asking $150 pick up East Melbourne, VIC.
  2. Yep, i've got an R33GTR but i'm looking for another GTR as well. Nice car you have there btw
  3. Hi. I'm interested in hiring a GTR for wedding day. Please reach out to me if you're available in December and have a GTR in Melbourne. Preferably an R34 GTR.
  4. looks brand new. i wonder how much it would be to import?
  5. this was a great day. Thanks to Neil and organisers. When is the next SAU Sandown day?
  6. do they comply with aus standards? or would they be an insurance issue?
  7. I threaded my work lug nut and a new set is around $180. Obviously, i'd prefer to just buy the 1 lug not, but I can't see them being sold individually. Anyone have any idea how I can acquire just one Work RS 12 X 1.25 lug nut?
  8. Thanks Ewan, I'm located in Malvern in the SE Suburbs. I've heard that it needs to be stock to pass though, so i'm not sure if that will work? Johnie, wouldn't they know you've put steel wool into the exhaust?
  9. bump, anyone out there that can help please?
  10. Hi there, I'm in need of either hiring or buying a stock R33 GTR exhaust system preferably with a cat converter. I need to clear a noise defect, if anyone can help that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Harry
  11. thanks guys! I've also got an Exhaust Control Valve which i'll need to disconnect.
  12. so they won't even pop the bonnet? I can go in with the aftermarket ecu and ebc and they won't bother to check?
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