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  1. Melly

    Zanel and 2/3 are in 😂
  2. Melly

    Do leg day whilst you rest it?
  3. Melly

    Thanks guys, was an awesome day! Sean from NSW (now QLD) drove his white 34 GTR so it was pretty funny when he saw Shell and some others haha!
  4. Melly

    So 3-7 years ago SAU peeps might care ZCR and I finally got hitched and pics are back!!! Had 4 x GTR's one being a Vspec II Nur
  5. Melly

    So this happened at the end of July... Oh hai guyz...
  6. Melly

    We are a maybe at this stage, have the laps of happiness voucher to use! We will confirm ASAP
  7. Melly

    Keen but not confirmed yet, we have a wedding the same day so will depend on timing...
  8. Melly

    ^ What they said...
  9. Melly

    You're a neutral b*stard...
  10. Melly

    I've been rostered on to work, sorry guys
  11. Melly

    Anyone heading out on Friday night?
  12. Melly

    Thanksssssss I shall tell Boz to check it and get the all mighty powers that be to bless you with access to members area