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  1. Correct ! Looks like its a GTST clock spring. But you'll need a clock spring for the horn wire signal.
  2. Wait I just noticed its a GTS ! Has it got the rear steering Hicas system on it ?
  3. Now that is weird ! I've also got a S1 non air bag model and I've bolted up a R34 triptronic auto clock spring to the indicator mech no problems Get the part numbers off both the clock spring and blinker mech you have and run a check on them. some one might of had a fiddle with them to get an after market steering wheel to fit
  4. Stop . . . messing . . . about . . . . and get twin 50lb bottles . . . .
  5. Oh come on man ! Don't leave us hanging ! Details ! Details ! Details ! ? !
  6. There are very few left ! That is the rumor I am spreading on all media platforms. To drive the price up. As I've still got my Skyline. So it worth a premium price when I decide to sell for my retirement. Worked for the Ford 1971 XY GTHO Phase 3 !
  7. Gently remove the rubber seal around the window frame and you will see the screws that attach the chrome surround to the door frame.
  8. How did this meet up go with the bucketing down rain ? I work about 500m away and it would've been like going back to work on a Saturday night ! Also with the floods at my place . . . .
  9. Yes as GTSBoy said stuck on with double sided automotive tape AND widow frame clips If your getting the car resprayed I'd unscrew the entire chrome window frame and leave the weather shields attached. If you break the little plastic pin buttons that attach the weather shield to the mounting frame clips your stuffed. I know I've done this
  10. Could you post up a pic of your instrument cluster ? Ive seen something similar with a R33 Nismo cluster out of an auto went into a manual car. Tested it by putting it back into a auto and it worked fine.
  11. This one : - When I go on long drives where I figure help might not be around its always in the car
  12. Should of dropped the sump plug and seen if its got aftermarket rods as well !
  13. Wait what ? You keep gearboxes in your freezer ? ! ? Man how big a freezer have you got ?
  14. Dude ! If that's what priests look like were your from I'm staying well away . . . . . . like Mars !
  15. Yep change it out and treat that RB20 gearbox gently and start saving your little lunch money for a RB25DET gearbox. The RB20 gearbox is know to be quite frail when you load it up behind the RB25DET motor. That way, after you change it out, you don't have to cringe when you give it a boot full worrying about breaking the RB20 box.
  16. Very nice sedan there. Is that your partner driving ? Well tell her to smile . . . shes driving a Skyline ! And stack another Skyline on top of the one you've got just to see eye to eye with the guy next to you ! America, the land of the giant trucks. Ives always liked the series 2 sedan front bumpers than the coup. Looks more finished than a couple of round trailer lights on the front
  17. Oh thats gotta hurt ! Another sacrifice to the Gods Of Speed !
  18. Have done this several times now. Best method without breaking the outer section is to put the whole thing into an oven at 85 degrees for several hours to soften up the urethane sealer around the edge. Then you take a bunch of 5 cent pieces and insert them under the clip tabs around the garnish to keep them up and unclipped. Then you've got to gently pry the two pieces apart being very careful at the corners as the clear plastic will break very easily. You have to do this progressively as it tends to cool down very quickly so you've got to put it back into the oven multiple times to heat it up again. Then you need to wash off the urethane with toluene so its perfectly clean for reassembly after you put in the new light strip.
  19. Is that at the wheel HP ? I have personally seen a R32 GTR with with 334rwkw run a best time of 10.66 in QLD and then run it in NSW for 11.2s with street drag tires. You've got around 361rwkw so you should make it
  20. On now that brings back memories cause I've actually done that ! Admittedly it was with an old school supercharged inline Holden red motor six. Scared the poop out of me at the time when it went
  21. Oh my god ! "Wouldn't press it if i was you." That's going against human nature ! Its in humanity's make up to press that button. If there the was a big red button marked:- "END OF THE WORLD BUTTON DO NOT PRESS" Before you could turn your back . . . . . . someone would just to see what happens.
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