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  1. And a R33 tow bar that has the facilities for a bike rack as well for me please
  2. I think in NSW you cant sell them just a plates . . . . so how about a barter or trade . . . Soooooo . . . I got goats . . and approximate carcass price / weight would end up at around 65 goats or around $600 ! ! ? ? ! !
  3. Oh Noooooooo ! Does this mean I've got to throw my RB25DET Pro version into the bin now . . . . . Damb ! I gotta start saving up my little lunch AND lunch money again ? ? ? 2 minute noodles ! 2 minute noodles ! 2 minute noodles ! Save Save Save !
  4. Cars fine as I'm fairly fastidious with maintenance on it and over the years I've personalized it to suit exactly my taste both cosmetically and mechanically. Only "major" issue is that the bonnet and boot clear coat is gone and needs re-doing however the rest of the paint is ok and I'll wait to do the whole car. All in all I guess what you put in and how you treat it goes a long way. Over the years I've had a lot of arguments / debates with people as to being told what oil ( don't even start me ), suspension set ups ( leave that alone ), tires ( don't even think about it ) etc etc to run for my car but in the end experience over time and a lot of research, in later years with the information streams available now, have helped out heaps.
  5. Mine ! 1994 GTST with 49000 km on the clock when I bought it and I am the first owner in Aus And had two before that which were lost to accidents that weren't my fault. This one owned for around 14 years as well and paid 13.5k for mine. Has been my daily every single day since I got it. Now has 462,000 km on the clock and still going strong. I cant speak more highly of the good engineering that has lasted over time as I have owned a lot of different cars over the years. He then screams "INCOMING" hits the ground and crawls on his elbows to his dugout to avoid the flaming missiles ! !
  6. Ah seeing those Manley H-beam con rods takes me back. . . way back to my small block Chev days. The days of the 80's when a set ( or similar, Carillo ) for a small block came in at $2100 and that was a big hit to the wallet for what I was earning back then ! Ah good old dinosaur days . . . . .
  7. Have you tried Mobility Engineering in Asquith NSW ? I found a 5Zigen Twin Mode clutch system. Allows operation of the clutch on the gear stick. Bit hard to find now though
  8. Wait . . . is that the Mission Impossible theme music I hear playing ? And the credits now roll ! Congratulations that's a serious amount of mambo there ! Now you can just sit there and do nothing . . . . cause its finished . . . . . right . . . . ? You'll have to take up another hobby now . . . like . . . stamp collecting or knitting ! Yep knitting ! I hear that's very therapeutic or cathartic ! !
  9. I have also had great success using vinyl ester resins for these sort of repairs over the years. Vinyl ester resin tends to be a little bit more flexible than polyester resins used in most fiberglass But as Martin ( Unzipped Composites ) states prep work is very important for the best adhesion. With ABS type plastics first washing the affected area first to get rip of dirt and grime first. Sand area as required Then cleaning the area down with acetone will begin to "soften" the plastic and make the surface sticky or tacky to the touch. And then finally a wash down with styrene monomer being sure not to touch the area after the wash down to avoid contaminants on the fresh plastic surface. This will give the very best adhesion between the plastic and vinyl ester resin on application. So ends today science lesson !
  10. Yes I have done this conversion on a mates car and physically it fits no problem. The conversion that I did was on a NON airbag model and could be left disconnected HOWEVER as to the functionality of the air bag electronics it will be a bit of a dilemma. Even if you change over the signal wire plugs to the airbag you cant test it as you will blow apart the very rare and expensive Momo wheel you've just bought. If you leave it disconnected you air bag light will come on as it senses an error. So you have to consider what you want to do, leave the airbag disconnected (not legal in anyway and if it all goes pear shaped you will be liable in a big way) and pull out the bulb so the light doesn't come on and drive you nuts. Or make it look good and hope for the best
  11. PranK the pic in your sig is FREAKIN ME OUT MAN ! Turn it off Turn it off !
  12. I think your little lad is trying to tell you that the beemer might have a slight leak.
  13. Well smear my ears with jam and tie me to and ant hill ! Now get them to sell me that cracked bar and I'll repair it and flip it for 11teen billion dollars cause it came of a 400R.
  14. I like how they magicked the crack in that front bar together. Working in the fiberglass supply industry for nearly twenty years that would of been a real bugger to fix correctly !
  15. Oh now you tell me ! I've already thrown it sideways several times, screaming MAGNA MAGNA, into the gutter on both sides trying to get it onto its roof and then burn it ! Dam you guys really know how to take the fun out of things. And now I've got to fix it so I can be socially acceptable !
  16. Hmmmm could be a bunch of things but I would first start with a leak down test. This will let you know if there is something physically wrong with the engine You could be looking at valve stem seals, turbo oil seals and even piston rings Coil packs do fail so get em checked as well as your coil pack loom cause it might of been faulty out of the box.
  17. Oh my eyes ! My eyes ! You've burnt out my eyes ! Oh the humanity ! It looks like a Magna ! Noooooooooo . . . . . . . I'm selling mine now because of this !
  18. Only cause I cured you ! Hallelujah ! Hallelujah ! Praise the Gods of Speed ! . . . . . . . . . . . . . but not you financial pain ! That's for you and the Gods of Finance to sort out. Oh and you will be Judged !
  19. Is it me or are those street drag slicks on the back of that Supra ? ! ?
  20. I hear you ! Stay at it ! Keep posting cause yours is a great one ! Have you read my post of "I FORGOT WHAT MY SKYLINE WAS FOR" ? Sums up for me why I have one.
  21. Bahahaha ! Is that your little lad giving the thumbs up as well ? Insanely cute ! And do you guys do scissor, paper, rock to see who gets up in that cherry picker . . . in winter . . . while its snowing ? Balls of brass that job right there !
  22. Agreed ! 5000km servicing with Penrite HPR50 40-70 will do it every time. 460k+ on the clock cant be wrong !
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