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  1. Hey all, I accepted of FB but havent been around as I had some spinal surgery and hope to be there on the day and of so Sinful maybe come as well if not have a great safe day.
  2. On a side note to climate sensor's can anyone tell me where the outside temp sensor is ... (C34) I dont understand i did a Flash on the car few months back and after that day till now the climate control system reads about 10°C hotter than what is really is outside little things like this bug me need to fix
  3. Nice Ride ... .... My eyes are on your sun roof air thingie looks like another rare item..
  4. Hey All, Looking to buy a Epson EJ-1 Controller Unit and remote + wires Cluster not need as I have one. But for the right price I could buy the full kit again. Unit can be Working or Not. Thanks MJD
  5. Thanks all But Mike as fixed me up with a good set of rims..... but still looking for BBS..... thats near by
  6. Let to let you know the Mag is out
  7. still got the ECU "rb25det ecu auto $95" If so ...S2 auto for a NEO??
  8. Hey Leigh Thanks and Im thinking about it but ill see if i get any more hits JUST like this but Ill keep you post soon as i know
  9. Thinking about buying, Are you sure they are a standard C34 Stagea Rim. Could you send me some pics please, tec121@tpg.com.au
  10. Hey all, I looking for a set of standard rims for C34 S2 in good shape don't care about tires that much or no tires at all... NSW ,Sydney
  11. Q: can some one tell me where the outside temp sensor would be.. as after I put the font mount in its out by +10c after been driven around for 10 mins or so
  12. Still hope to be there as the car still on the ramps waiting for steering rack to be fix for the 3rd time or new replacement..as I see Gavin got a yellow one as well good to have another bright lemon hehe.. Another: Sinful said he'll come only if I can make it as well.
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