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Which Is The Better Boost Controller For My 33

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If you can built electronics i would consider the Jaycar electronic boost controller. For <$200 you have a great boost controller.

Just a little more fiddlier to setup however, once its set how often do you really fiddle with the boost settings.

It has two boost maps that are switchable as well.

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The Power FC is not a electronic boost controller (EBC) - it's a total replacement ECU.

However you can get the EBC add-on for the Power FC. Buying the PFC (including EBC addon) and tuning it will leave you little change from $1500.

The e-boost is a dedicated EBC but frankly I'd rather get a JDM one (eg GReddy Profec B-Spec 2, Blitz D-SBC, Apexi AVC-R). These range in price from $450 - $1000.

Budgeting $2000 for an EBC is too much.

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I've got an AVCR loving it. Pretty much has 3 stages, off, A & B so its handy, plus holds boost well and gives good readouts as well as functionality.

As one of the other guys pointed out PFC is not boost controller, its total computer that you can buy a boost contoller attachment for if you want.

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