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Gtr Front Bar On Gtst


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has anyone done this if so any problems sone say it will fit others say will not so if anyone is in brisbane that i can see one done or send me pics much appricated

ps if this wrong forum please redirect

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hah, i bought a GTR bar cheap a few days ago with the idea of doing this as i have just installed a fmic.. it appears to line up fine, however id say it needs the GTR crash support as the GTST one does not line up at all, and no amount of hacking/cutting looks like it will make it.. i drive a 33 however, im not sure if its the same for a 32. on a side note im thinking of keeping the stocker front bar over the GTR bar cus in my oppinion you just cant beat that sleeper look :P

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does any one know of anywere to pic up cheap fibreglass copys

define cheap..

they can be had for about $400-450 brand new from:




i am also itnerested in putting a GTR bar on my car, but despite seeing that pic i'm still not convinvced. I have psoken to a person who bought a GTR bar for their R32 and it simply didn't fit at all.

Maybe its possible to get the stock plastic one modified (ie a bit of plastic removed to reduce the width) so that it fits properly?



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^^ what he said...

also if you use a genuine GTR bar, if you use a genuine GTR bumper support (ie reo) you won't have to bend anything in the front, just the sides so they meet up witht he guards. The most common thing you see with R32 GTR bumpers on GTSt's is the 1cm or so gap under the headlights where the bumper bends.

You can avoid that by using a genuine GTR bumper support.

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